Bryson Hawkson seeks advancement to Duke

  • Minister Duke

    Hello all. Its been a bit since I last sought promotion, and I meet all standards that we have to seek another. I have been an active member of the community, I think all know that. I even plan to run for Justice soon. I hope to have some feedback, and I think that I am currently beyond all requirements, I plan to leave it up for a while, and this is to give people plenty of time to look around and bring up anything that they believe to be a problem.

    Building counts w/ Duke requirements in brackets
    Large Settlement: 48 and 39 (60) (35x2)
    Settlements: 10 (4)
    Buildings: 108 (120)
    Total Count: 195 (180)

    Detailed Build Amounts per Settlement & Etc.
    Large Settlement: Hawk's Landing (48) and Startide (39)

    • Wolfpine (32)
    • Sos pine (6)
    • Holden (7)
    • Terra Mines (5)
    • Riverwatch (20)
    • Vunkuldir (10)
    • Sunfield (8)
    • Colkirk (7)

    Unnaccounted builds in this are spread across Gintaras, Spawn, Isara, and Helios

    Lore: I have done quite a bit. I was pumping out some once a week for a bit this year. Lost the ability to do that just due to a lot of work piling up. But I think I am second in output compared to Tywen, I might be wrong but I don't think I am far off from that.

    I am closer to the requirements than Tywen, but again, I don't think that we should be pushing so far beyond a rank to receive that rank, something Tywen also said when he previously applied for Duke.

  • Minister Duke

    I realized I left out the specialized builds in the original post, but that is because I was copying Tywen's advancement to Duke. The requirements are 60 specialized builds, limit of 5. Here is a list of the specialized builds:

    alt text

  • Viscount

    Remember that this no longer falls to a vote and the infrastructure and lore ministers will confirm this whenever they get around to it.

  • Minister Duke

    Correct, another hold over from copying what tywen said, will correct it.

  • Baron

    i approve of this as the infrastructure minister

  • Duke

    Lore Ministry approves of this.

  • Baron

    bryson is now a duke, if any noble takes issue with this ascension, you have two weeks to start a discussion to call a vote to remove the promotion

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