Excerpt from the Journal of Seval Aradeni Vildaen, Captain of the Aradelnar (1)

  • Baron

    Captain’s Journal
    Rain’s Time, Day 22, Year 35 of the Second Comet

    The ship is currently sailing east. We are currently three days out from Startide, Obrexia. The sky is overcast, and the wind is very light, close to 3 knots per hour in the eastward direction. No noteworthy events occured today, except perhaps that Ourandor Stykria Vaehn ate 17 pieces of hardtack without water on a dare.

    For the love of all of the gods up in the sky, don’t quote me on that date. Speaking of, only the gods know how long I’ve actually been out here. It’s supposedly only been months since we left Aeredos. I can tell you right now though that if you were on this ship with me you’d have sworn it was years. The days blend together. Get up, maintain the ship, adjust the heading, pray to the gods for something interesting to happen, eat, go to sleep. It’s maddening!

    Maybe the reason the days feel so long is that nothing exciting ever happens. Other ships seem to have much better luck than ours. We’ll stop in a port. Finally! We’ve found this new exciting land to tell home about. There will be a great celebration. All the people in the town will rejoice. All the merchants will come to us demanding an exchange of our exotic goods. After all, we’re the third damned Anaetyne ship to grace their little backwater port town. I would want to celebrate too if I were some small town fisherman and all these Anaetyne keep showing up.

    I cannot tell you how much I loathe these small little ocean towns. I don’t even know if I can properly explain it. Maybe it’s how insignificant everything feels compared to back home. The people in Startide lose their minds over what amounts to glow-in-the-dark seaweed. There are lots of things that glow in the dark! Certainly more exciting things than seaweed!

    At this point I’d welcome a visit from the Black Fog. You have no idea what I would do to have been on the Arakyma. The glorious fighting! The valiant struggle! It’s a shame my ship has been fortunate enough to tread calm waters and harbor in safe ports.

    Enough ranting. I think I’m letting my distaste for things get to me. If I think a little more clearly on things, I can pick out at least one departure from the eternal monotony this evening. The sky turned a magnificent purple color as the sun was setting. Is it good luck? An omen? A sign from the gods perhaps? Likely not. It was a pretty sunset though. I gotta focus on the little things, otherwise I’ll lose my mind.

    May we walk under the sky,
    Captain of the Aradelnar, Seval Aradeni Vildaen