Bryson for Infrastructure Minister, First Election

  • Minister Duke

    I would like to run for the position of Infrastructure Minister. I have participated in the construction of a few nether lines both here and on Aldemeria. I have helped construct the Guardian farm that everyone is free to use on the server. I would take my duty very seriously, but I expect that the role of Infrastructure Minister will not be a very difficult role for the time being as we are all still starting out our realms. Thank you for your consideration of my becoming the Infrastructure Minister and may the best boi win regardless of who it is

  • Count

    How much do you plan to focus on public grinders or farms? (Iron/gold/wither/etc)

    Have you given any thought into requirements for fast travel or additional things like earning an end portal in your realm. These will likely end up as a legal discussion, but I would expect the infrastructure minister to play a big role in these discussions.

  • Minister Duke

    @Alric I plan to focus on getting at the very least an iron farm up and running as soon as possible so that we can resume normal world building aspects such as we had on Aldemeria. I believe that a wither farm would come second on this list in the order and last but not least the gold farm. I feel that all of these are things that should be made so that we can have a good experience as a whole and not let people burn out by grinding for resources. I believe all of these resources should be available for use by the public so that we can move forward at a faster pace.

    I have given some thought into fast travel points so that we can become more connected and allow everyone to visit even the far-flung corners of the map. I think that fast travel points should be limited to around a 1 per County on the new delineations, but that does not necessarily mean they should be limited to this. I believe that a sufficiently advanced capital would be enough to get a fast travel point between realms even if they are at the baron stage. I think that some people would be opposed to this, and I believe it should be on a case by case basis. I think that access to the end should be a rather universal thing so that everyone can get to the endermen grinder, so I believe that requirements could be rather lax, a temple or other such building to put it in and around either the baron or viscount rank. I think that a number of these should be limited so as to not have one in every settlement but they shouldn't be farther apart than a county or dukedom.

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