Formalizing Unspoken Lore Points

  • Baron

    This will solidify these unspoken rules that Candarion has been going by lorewise so that new and old members may reference this to see what the lore limits are. The discussion for this proposal can be found here:

    These rules/guidelines will be placed in the charter under section 14 of the charter in their own subsection titled "Lore Rules/Guidelines."

    Lore Points to be Formalized:

    1. Tech Limit

    a. Do not attempt technology beyond the 1400/1500s. 1500 technology should be reserved for if your realm is very technologically advanced for the time

    b. Any technology before this limit is fair game, go ham

    1. Ship Design

    a. Ship designs should be kept to the tech limit as much as possible

    1. Cannons

    a. Nobody has cannons/guns, as that would modify the medieval vibe we are attempting for the sever

    1. Airships

    a. Airships are a no, as are other mobile floating structures

    1. Floating (in air) Islands

    a. As long as it isn’t mobile, these are fine

    b. Don’t make them at world height, as you should be able to explain how people got resources up that high

    c. If you want a floating city, just make sure you can justify its existence with lore ( i.e. can it be defeated)

    1. Candarion

    a. Candarion is the name of the region, not the planet

    1. Moons

    a. Candarion has one moon

    1. Underwater Realms

    a. Noone’s attempted as yet, but should be the same as a floating city (i.e. where did the resources come from, what do they eat, where does it come from, how can they be beaten in a fight, etc)

    1. Dimensions

    a. The Nether and End are noncanon

  • Minister Duke

    The edit was before this comment, and before any votes were on this document.

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