The Return of the Comet

  • Baron

    La Comète. A ball of fire, blazing with the fury of the sun and leaving in its path a trail of sparkling colors, hanging like some second moon in the heavens. In the ancient days, before the Sacrésante was written, the people of Dántaine must have been terrified of the return of the Comet which, like a celestial clock, returned to the earth every thousand years. But today, the sight brought hope. Across the expansive fields of the Dántaise realms, people everywhere looked up in awe and expectation; choirs sung songs of praise; monks celebrated. For the Comet, they knew, was a sign of restoration.

    A new savior would soon be approaching.

    Ántou, in his infinite wisdom and struggle against the dark Chaos, sent great heroes — saints — to earth from time to time in order to rebalance the world back towards Order. And before every saint’s arrival…Jacesteu, Amilaus, Juillian all the same…that same fiery sphere appeared in the sky. The people of Dántaine knew this, and prayed for salvation. They knew that, sometime in the coming years, a deliverer would unveil themselves and lead the people in a great struggle against the forces of Chaos. And because Ántou was good, because Ántou was almighty, they would emerge victorious.

    The Comet was not something to be feared. It was not to be revered. It was something to be celebrated. It marked the dawn of a new era — what to come was known only to Ántou, but the people of Dántaine could be certain that their lives were about to be changed forever.