Fun Fact: Helian Diplomatic Parties

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    Helios after having some minimal trade with a region will often send a diplomatic party to better solidify cultural exchange and trade. Helios prefers to deal in more official terms and will extend themselves to peaceful meetings and exchanges when possible even if their landing are sometimes seen as hostile.

    The typical party consists of;
    A Lesser Noble, who serves as the autocrat of the mission. They are charged with some power within reason to negotiate.

    A Priestess of Wenna, who serves as a spiritual backbone in foreign lands, they are also the primary medical personnel and are trained in medicinal herbs and plants to see what can be offered.

    A Knight Valiant or Squire Valiant, will always accompany the initial party not only as a safe guard against any foreign magical beasts but to assess if a land is tainted. The Knight Valiant does not answer to the lesser Noble, but will often take direction from the Priestess.

    A scholar of Zayl, this person serves as chronicler, scribe, and interpreter. They are often gifted spell casters although not powerful. They are there to magically allow for communications.

    The Nobles Retinue, often formed of the men at arms of their house, or of Helian Marines.

    The Nobles Assistant(s), helpers for the noble, sometimes scribes and often times attendants. If the noble is a knight, these are often his squire and retainers.

    The Priestess assistant(s), these are often times just commoners who serve the priestess. Sometimes these are replaced with Clerics if the location is expected to be hostile.

    The Ships crew, the crew are marines and pathfinders and are responsible for defending the ship and its passengers. Depending on the size of the ship this could be quite a large number.

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