Fun Fact: Hammerblades

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    Hammer Blades

    An ancient and traditional weapon of Helios, it is well documented in art that goes back hundreds of years although up until recently they had not been used in battle much. Recent interactions with the land of Armoria, a culturally and ethically Helian state to the east, has seen the reintroduction of the heavy mid length blades.

    The weapons tend to be roughly 45-50" long two handed swords, with flat tips and a wide blade sometimes being as wide as 18 inches in some, but the average width is 12 inches. They are a single edged weapon with a rather dull cutting edge, and the reverse edge is flat and wide, making the weapon top profile like a triangle.

    Armorian shock troops have used them fairly effectively as both shield and blade. The weapons are not quick finesse weapons by any means but once they get momentum they are fairly difficult to stop. There have been two distinct schools, known as dances, of hammer blades.

    The Armorian dance, known as Moon Fall, is noted by multiple short steps and short fast crescents swings that are done closer to the body. The footwork while quick still allows them to drive their weight into their feet to maintain and generate force through their hips and then through the blade.

    The newer, Helian dance, Known as Wars Call, is noted by rather wide stance and slow wide crescents. The Wars Call footwork can be wide and focuses on driving weight through both feet and delivering purposeful and powerful swings. While Wars Call loses quite a bit of mobility they are known for delivering truly brutal cleaving strikes.

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