An Imperial Birth

  • Baron

    On this day in the 581st year of Our Eternal Empire (35.S.C), the gods looked down favourably and gifted the Realm a Kyfonta Alta*. Aratreyus Ocyrus Skylar the son of Odysseus Skylar and Kassya was born this morning amongst clear sky at the Imperial Citadel.
    The Kysar ordained the boy the name Ocyrus, meaning 'of much foresight' in the hope the future Kysar will govern well with foresight and clarity.
    To mark the occasion 16 days of games will be held in honour of the Kyfonta Alta. The Kysar and Imperial Family will attend the main events at the Arena and hippodrome. The penultimate night of the celebrations shall conclude with an elaborate feast provided by the Kysar in the Imperial Citadel.

    The line of Kryizon Succession:
    Kyrin Skylar - Kysar
    Odysseus Skylar - Kyfonta
    Aratreyus Skylar - Kyfonta Alta

    *Kyfonta Alta - The heir of an heir, usually the eldest child of the eldest child to the Kysar.

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