The Sack of the Sacred City

  • Baron

    The Old City of Nidus had been the stronghold of the Kryizon Region for generations, its walls had seen the birth of many great kings and warriors. The kings of old Amaros, Pytheryon, and Helacassus, to the most famous of all, Atalyous Haydryonus, the great expander, the founder of Kryizon.
    Nidus' walls are so old no one knows who built them, its crypts run so deep no one knows how far down they go.
    After Atalyos' rise to power, a new city was established in the Rift Mountains, to better defend from invaders. Nidus began its gradual decline, within a decade its population had halved. The city had begun to fall into disrepair, it's once-mighty harbour was no match for the bigger and more sheltered, Port of Kyzon City.
    Kysar Akyous Haydryonus believed Nidus was still of sacred importance, so he stored the 5th Legion's standard in its barracks, the city walls had started to fall to pieces but the city was still well garrisoned. Many important festivals and events took place there, including the coronation of both Kysar Atalyos and his son, Akyous.
    On a crisp Spring morning in 752 F.C the city became besieged by invading Argosians looking to conquer the Kryizon Empire. The Argosians set into besieging the city, but found its defences weak and quickly stormed the city, looting and setting fire to the centuries-old city, the citizens looked on in horror as their city burned around them.
    The Kysar was furious, he had allowed the Argosians to invade his Empire and raze the sacred city to the ground. The Kysar was quick to mobilise the legions and within a fortnight 5 legion totaling 5000 men were meeting 6000 Argosians on the battlefield. The details of the Battle of Pageos are lost to history but it is known the Kryizon victory was swift and decisive. With Kryizon forces having superior cavalry numbers and a height advantage. The retreating Argosians would fight battle after battle as they retreated back to Argos. This blunder to invade and destroy the Kryinian's sacred city by King Acrysius of Argos would cost him his kingdom as the Kysar planed to avenge Nidus by invading and conquering Argos. Upon arrival in Argos, Acrysius quickly started to besiege Kanta Aura, the capital of Argos.
    Surrounded by the legions on all sides, King Acrysius surrendered his Kingdom less than two years after the sack of Nidus.

    Argos became a vassal state to Kryizon and would remain a vassal for 40 years before being incorporated into the Empire proper as a Province.

    The sack of Nidus is incredibly important to the psyche of the Kryizon people, it is a reminder to Kryizon citizens that nothing is safe and our enemies will take everything from us unless we fight back. What is not remembered is what became of the missing 5th Legion Standard, myths say King Acrysius buried it deep beneath Kanta Aura in a hidden undiscovered vault, but in reality, it most likely melted when the old city was burned following its capture by Kryizon.

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