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    “There are men! There are men!”

    Liha hefted the vase of water she had just pulled from the well, turned, and gave a quizzical look at Joha and little Temi, who had just come running up to her through the grass.

    “What are you two on about?”

    Joha spoke breathlessly: “I overheard my dad saying… some men were camping in the clearing across… the river! So Temi and I… I said we should go see if we could… see them and we did! They crossed the river though and are coming this way!”

    “We’re going to tell Priest Egar!” said Temi, and they ran off toward the village.

    Liha huffed and started walking back along the narrow path that lead to the village. It was always this way with Joha and Temi, though Joha was definitely the leader of the two. The adults like to talk about how daring he was and, since Liha was getting close to marrying age, joke about what a good husband he would make. Well, she hoped they were joking. She still didn’t see why anyone would like boys, and Joha was no exception. He seemed to her like he was always looking to for trouble, or to brag about finding it. She didn’t know why the two were so worked up either; men came every year to take some grain and some silver from the village, it wasn’t really worth telling anyone.

    Despite this, when she had finally gotten home and put the vase of water next to the fireplace, she decided to go to the square and see if anything was going on. As she approached, she saw Joha and Temi doing a bad job of hiding behind a bush. They beckoned her over, but she chose to peek at the gathering crowd from around the corner of nearby house instead. Most of her neighbors were taking shelter from the late afternoon heat in the shadow of the acacia trees bordering one side of the dirt square. Facing them where lines of stern men flanking a hooded figure, their armor and sweat shining in the sun.

    “Greetings, friend!” a man said, stepping forward from the group of villagers. With one hand he clutched a red, embroidered cloak to his wiry frame, while the other hand was held out in greeting. Liha recognized him as Egar, the most respected of the village elders, who spent much of his time delighting children with adventure tales of the Holy Lord Vishara and giving advice to the adults who came to him. But now, Liha could hear that his voiced had changed from its normally easygoing tone to a more cautious one.

    “Are you here for the tribute? Another came and collected it already, but, ah, perhaps it was insufficient? We are willing to offer more, though we would have to draw quite deeply from our stocks–

    The hooded figure waved his hand, cutting off Egar’s thought, and said “Do not worry, we are not here for the tribute,” he said lowering his hood to reveal the long, curling horns of a ram sprouting from his head.

    “Oh, a shepherd!” Egar frowned slightly. “My apologies, I did not expect a visit from your order… If it is not too much, may I ask why an… agent of it has been sent here?”

    “I am no mere agent; I am the High Shepherd.”

    “My apologies, your… holiness! I have never seen you before and did not expect such a… visit.”

    “Do not worry yourself, priest. If you know of my order and you know of me, then you certainly know this is the least of your transgressions.”

    (That's all I'm gonna post of the story for now because it's way too long for an application, I'll post the rest later)


    I'm The Shepherd (AKA The Chairman) and I live in the US (CST). My minecraft username is Apogee. You may remember me from my time on Aldemeria and Hermertia. If you don't know me, I've spent years on minecraft servers of all different kinds, including worldbuilding, PvE, and Creative servers. I really like building, and have made things in all sorts of different styles, and I like me some collaborative storytelling too.

    Here are some images of past builds:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    An art deco space build for kicks:
    alt text
    And some thrones made with the new nether blocks:
    alt text

    Some "usual questions" I saw get asked on another app:

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)? I like greens and yellows, so I guess chartreuse?

    What type of races are you most interested in? I'm super interested in exploring all different kinds of fantasy races and how they interact with each other. Short answer: sheep people.

    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server? Build stuff and write lore to advance, you have to have a liege until you're a baron.

    What's your favorite biome to build in? Flower forest, but I'll take any as long as there is interesting terrain I can do something with.

    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft? Spruce wood looks great as stripped logs, dark oak is good for roofs, and birch planks are nice for walls.

    I look forward to your responses!

  • Minister Duke

    Hello, since you have answered our usual questions already, I don't have to ask them here. I like your app. Are you in our discord? It is a requirement for membership, as well as to continue later portions of the application.

  • Baron

    Hello old friend! I don't need to hear anymore, you have my vote

  • Baron

    You have my totally unbiased vote.

  • Minister Duke

    I will give you a third vote, 3/5 but please do join the discord.

  • Baron

    Sorry, you posted during my sleeping hours. You have my vote. 4/5

  • Baron

    You got my vote, welcome back! 5/5

    Make sure to join the discord: https://discord.gg/E9RaEzp

  • Minister Duke

    Yo, it seems you are in the discord now, so please contact me there to set up a time for an interview. I am not the applications minister, but he is busy with irl stuff, so I told him I would do his stuff until he is ready to step back in.

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    @bryson3842 I'm having issues connecting to discord right now, I'm seeing if I can figure out what's going on.

  • Minister Duke

    Apogee has passed their interview, and with the powers vested in me by no one, I say they are now open to offers.

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I would like to extend the offer for you to join me in Obrexia, a land of magic and growth in a turbulent time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or discord.

    I am in EST but feel free to message me whenever or every minute until I respond, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Some more images can be found here on my imgur.

    Join soon and get a free 13.00+ speed horse! Also, I am more than willing to do a tour whenever you want.

  • Baron

    You are invited to join Koh, a land of rivers and forests nestled in the Far East. The culture’s mercantile nature dominates public life, processing fine goods to ship overseas and importing exotics from the west. As a vassal, I will provide you with most tools necessary and collaborate actively to help you realize your ideas. Feel free to message for further questions or pics

  • Prince

    alt text

    Thank you for your interest in Helios, the Dawn Lands." We are a realm who pride ourselves on vivid story telling and cohesive building. The framework of the Realm is such that stories can come from many avenues and a good story is far more important to me than building without purpose. Hopefully the brief information below, and the more detailed information on the Wiki will peak your interest and you will consider Helios in your search for a realm.

    alt text


    Helios is a land shaped by the brutality of its surroundings, and the protection of the Gods. Helians are a strong and dependable people who are tempered by horrors that would break lesser peoples, and often does. The Six Gods of Helios shape every aspect of life for Helian people. Sol the chief, Wenna the Gddess of good and light, Lorna the Goddess of dark and secrets, Alkourie the God of war and violence, Omar the God Nature and death, Zayl the God of magic and knowledge.

    Helios as a nation was fractured for generations, besieged on all fronts by monsters and violence. Only in the last century have they come together under one banner again. This unification has seen the lands of Helios prosper and grow as trade became safer and more resources could be shared for the common good. None of this could have been done if not for a group of monster slayers known as the Knights Valiant who are blessed by the gods to be holy warriors. If not for them the horrors of the wilds would still be endlessly ravaging the Helian populace. Even with the renewed strength of the Knight Valiant the wilds of Helios are filled with monsters and other horrors and only the strongest and most resourceful have survived through it all.

    Expansion looms on the horizon as the Great Houses of Helios finally become fully connected. What form that expansion will come in is unknown, but like anything to do with the warrior Helians it will involve a fair share of violence.


    • Beacon Quarry
    • Communal Storage
    • Starting Package of basic tools and armor
    • Writing editing and advice

    Your Place in it All

    I have always felt that Helios is a framework to tell stories. The grim dark of the land can feed uplifting and terrifying tales. Helios is shaped by it's people, and as such character driven storytelling is something that is paramount. While the general application process has you create a character to plop into a realm, Helios implores you to make a native Helian to explore the world with, rather than an outsider who may supremely struggle with the foreign and brutal landscape. While this isn't required it is something that could help to more easily tell stories within the realm.

    Builds. As important as the story telling. The land is sprawling and there are ample opportunities to build both small and large scale projects through out the land. Helios has several counties that each sport a unique, yet unified build style and culture. You can spend time in one or perhaps branch out to many. There is no set path in Helios and the goal is to get you invested in the realm either through builds or storytelling (ideally both) Those who stay with Helios in the long term are afforded large amounts of creative control over many projects both building and story so there is a fair amount of progression to be had.

    Ultimately what mark you leave on the realm is yours to decide and I, and the other Helian's will be here to help you realize that mark.

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    Behold, an offer to join Cyrellia:

    [fancy offer pics here]

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    Oh wow. Such pretty pictures.
    alt text

    Thanks for the offers all, I have made my decision. I'll be joining Cyrellia.

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