Jean-Pierre Challant for Minister of Lore

  • Viscount

    Hey all, I’ll be running for Minister of Lore this term.

    As you may know, I served as both Lore Minister and Deputy Lore Minister back on Aldemeria. I introduced weekly lore prompts and the idea of lore events, and I brought back realm highlights there after a period of hiatus. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my term as minister was not completely smooth sailing. But having been in this position before, I know the problems I’ll encounter and I know what I did wrong. I think that this experience will allow me to do the job outstandingly — especially given that, since this server is just starting out, there will be a lot of challenges regarding the need for large amounts of consistent, quality lore!

    My plans for the position would be as follows:

    • Since very little lore has been established yet, I think it’s vital to encourage people to write and to keep people up to date with what’s happening in other realms. To that end, I would restart weekly lore prompts and bi-weekly realm highlights (perhaps these could be weekly at first). I really loved these posts on Aldemeria and I think they’d really help us get started here.

    • Building off of that, I’d like to create a sort of lore competition that I haven’t seen done before. For each lore prompt, I’ll chose a winner based on the most original/interesting response. I’ll also throw in a few other competitions — small buildings, for instance, or wiki projects. For each win, a person will get a point, at at the end of an allotted time (perhaps halfway through the term) I will award prizes to the top scorers. I think this’ll be a fun way to have a competition which will be spread out over a long period of time — it doesn’t necessitate working hard on some massive building for weeks on end; you can skip a few prompts without jeopardizing your chances to win…but it’ll hopefully keep people motivated to write on most lore prompts.

    • I love interconnected storytelling between realms. To encourage that, I would introduce lore events which I think would foster collaborative lore writing, such as storms that affect large areas of the map. And to further this goal, I would make rewards for players who put out collaborative lore with another realm — material goods like shulker boxes, perhaps, or input on the next lore event.

    • I would finally introduce some sort of reward system for hosting in game lore events such as battles, trials, diplomacy, and weddings. I am not exactly sure what sort of rewards I want for this but I’d love to see more events like these and I’d like to have a discussion about it.

    If I’m elected, the Lore Ministry will have a lot more to do with lore, but I’ll keep regulations lax. I think the goal of the ministry should be encouraging, rather than controlling, lore — and although I’ll be perfectly happy to file lore grievances if the situation should arise, I’d really like to just exist in the background, making sure everyone continues to be inspired to post.

    Please feel free to ask me questions. Thanks very much for your consideration!

  • Viscount

    Updated qualifications:

    • My discord icon is a penguin, and penguins eat fish

    Thank you for your consideration

  • Prince

    I have noticed that much of your ideas are centered around rewards is this something you personally will be providing or will you be looking to the community at large to provide or will you be reaching out to the community to spawn these items in?

    What ideas do you have other than physical rewards to promote lore growth?

  • Viscount

    I'll be providing all of the rewards. Perhaps for one competition, though, it might be fun to have a sort of "pot" where everyone contributes some stuff -- haven't really thought that idea through at all, but your question made me think of it. Could be cool.

    To be honest, these rewards aren't meant to inspire lore growth -- though they probably will as a side effect. People will be writing lore anyway if they're inspired, and I'm going to try to keep people inspired by making prompts and events. It shouldn't be the reward that makes people write. However, I do think that if a person is writing above-average lore, they should be recognized for that and that's where the rewards come in. And since the quality of lore on here is so high already, my hope is that competition will inspire people to rise to a higher level -- it's the competition that will promote lore rather than the reward.

    All that said though, there won't be only material rewards for lore writing. I'd like to give meta rewards, too, like input on future lore events and lore prompts, or the ability to hold the next realm highlight. Also, since lore is a part of ranking up, you get rankup perks for writing lore -- and while that's not a Lore Ministry benefit, it certainly should inspire people to write. And finally, there's the Eternal Glory you get for winning competitions which, of course, is what everyone wants most!

    Hope this answers your questions 🙂

  • Prince

    What roll if any will your Deputy Minister(s) of Lore serve for you.

    If you were required to have a deputy what responsibilities would you delegate to them?

  • Viscount

    Just like Erastil, I think I'd like to have my deputies form a team rather than have them doing separate jobs. Not only will it be more efficient if there are three people working one something rather than one, but it's great to have extra feedback on ideas and plans.

    That said, if there turns out to be a job where too many cooks in the kitchen would be detrimental, I'll happily delegate responsibilities for that -- but at the moment I can't think of a job like that. I suppose the closest thing would be individual lore events: for example, I might assign one deputy to run a single lore event. That deputy wouldn't be managing all lore events, though.

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