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    Design Philosophy
    Examples of Bryborough architecture will be linked here when there are enough examples

    Bryborough is heavily inspired by both England and the maritime republics of the Mediterranean such as Venice and Genoa in the Late Medieval Period. Architecture and lore inspired from these two cultures is heavily encouraged. Bryborough also has a Native American influence from neighbouring Oniganche, primarily in the Deowish settlements and buildings.

    Lore Guidelines
    Link to wiki:

    • For Bryborough lore, the wiki is primarily used for creating lore whereas the forum is only used for narrative pieces.

    • It is expected that most pieces of lore are ran by Guy first before being published even though it is unlikely for pieces to be blocked.

    • Native Kirran names for Bryborough characters are required to be English (or Anglo-Saxon in origin) unless there are reasons provided in-lore for it being otherwise. Family names typically will only exist for nobility and the richest merchant families.

    • In Bryborough lore, religious and fantasy elements are typically fictitious. Notable exceptions include the concept of the Dark as well as small populations of fantasy races in Bryborough originating from other realms.

    Narrative Road Map
    For access contact Guy on Discord @ Guy#2743
    Access is only available for vassals

    The narrative road map is a document containing a detailed blueprint for the overall story archs of Bryborough, this is only available to vassals on request.

    Bryborough Build Database

    The Bryborough Build Database is a spreadsheet containing documentation of every completed structure in Bryborough as well as additional information on those who built them. It's a useful resource for keeping track of the number of structures built, for both player and realm ranks. Guy is is the only one with editing privilages so contact him to add structures built in Bryborough (would be helpful that if you are building multiple structures that you ask Guy to do them in bulk as opposed to straight after each one is completed).

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