Act III: The Great Dissolve.

  • Baron

    I am officially dissolving the realm of Pianto Dia Florina.

    I know in doing so I am forgoing any right I have in directing its future. It is my wish, as the sole creator and lead visionary of the city-state to have the realm's sovereignty be entirely dissolved and the land be open for ownership as another realm's rightful territory.

    If this is to be the will of Pianto Dia Florina, may the record show it is my desire for the land to be rightfully returned to the realm of Kryizon, who has the in-lore right to protecting the region; as well as my personal out of lore desire as the creator.
    Under the guidance of Kyrin, I'd also like the forum posts under Pianto Dia Florina to be under the Kryizon Forum.

    These are not my claims to make, but my personal wishes, should they hold any weight.

    Please stream Chromatica by Lady Gaga on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, and

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