Styles of Dress

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    Styles of Helian Dress

    Noble Class
    The Noble class of Helios favor simple styles of dress with muted solid colors and few patterns even on trim. Long dresses with short sleeves are favored by women in court. While when not in court women tend to wear longer tunics and fitted trousers. Short tunics and full trousers are favored by men in court and abroad. Both genders outfits are often accompanied with a cloak. Nobles are the only class who wear jewelry, and often they wear elaborate signature pieces made of pure gold; be it a ring, a circlet, broach or necklace. The Golden jewelry is world class and the craftsmanship alone would make them worth far more than their weight, many often bare some sort of enchantment as well.

    Common Class
    The Common class tend to favor simple clothing that is far more utility than form. trousers and tunics are the normal between men and women although seeing a woman in a dress or a skirt is not uncommon. Earth tone colors with few accent colors are the normal, although those commoners with some responsibility in a settlement may be adorned with some small token of finery like a half cloak or a sash. Even when not working commoners tend to wear an article of clothing unique to their profession, and may even own a finer article of work clothing for special functions such as a blacksmith who may have a fancy apron for events.

    Military Class
    The Military class tend to mirror the noble class although rather than wearing jewelry they tend to wear pieces of armor on the limbs, bracers, greaves and gorget are common articles worn to denote their status in society. The pieces worn are often ornamental in the public eye although even poor members of the military class will still wear whatever piece of armor they have that is in the best repair.

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