In Defense of Myrmidons

  • Baron

    My name is Markus Sidero, co-owner of “Markus and Grublos’ Foundry” found in downtown Secunda. I am concerned with the state of my city. Lately the governor Soren has authorized strict curfews, but people still go missing in the night. Soren wants to blame the myrmidons for the city and the realm’s tough times, and has had guards murder those that come through the gates. Even people who are thought to use bug-juice, harbor myrmidons, or even possess myrmidon products will have their houses ransacked and be kicked out of the city. He’s not without support though. Mobs take to the streets to enact their own justice on those who do business with them. The accused will even be forced to “expose” others who more often than not are innocent. While I am being protected by the Smith’s Guild, I still worry that my business and life could be in danger.

    I do not believe the myrmidons are our enemy. I’ve gotten a city-authorized license allowing access to Genesis in order to buy metals for my business, and in all my time across the channel I could tell they have hearts and minds equal to our own. Loving families run small businesses and every one of them is eager to share their culture. They are loving and compassionate creatures that I do not believe would be capable of what Soren believes they’re doing. He says that they are drugging the populace and are manipulating the government, but he has always been a deluded man.

    Additionally, I have been living with a myrmidon of the “king” variant for the past few months. I am aware that this is illegal in our current governor’s eyes, but me and my husband have grown quite attached to him over time. When we first met him, he seemed lost and afraid out in the streets. I would feed him from time to time, even giving him the name Grub. When the mobs started I begged my husband to allow him into our home. Ever since, he’s shown us affection and can talk to us sometimes in single words. He even helps around the house and with the forge, despite not having hands. With my experience with myrmidons, I know that this hatred is unjust and that myrmidons should be free in the city. It is my belief that the governor must either open his heart or leave office if things are to get better.

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