The annexation of Pianto Dia Florina

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    Pianto City was in a state of turmoil, Empress Florina had been hanged, along with most government officials. The Imperial residence burnt, with protests and violence in the streets the future of Pianto Dia Florina looked uncertain. It was, however, anything but, Kysar Kyrin Skylar had planned the revolt years ago, slowly undermining the Empress's power, using propaganda and agents inside her own government.
    From the outside, Pianto looked to have established a prosperous relation with Kryizon, in recent times the signing of the Treaty of Pianto seemed to indicate cooperation between the realms. The Pianto government believed so as well, the undermining of her government is one of Kyrin's greatest achievements.

    A brief history of the two Realms
    Pianto Dia Florina was founded by refugees escaping violence on the continent many centuries ago, during the age of a thousand kings. Centuries later, Kryizon's rapid expansion and militarisation had become of great concern for the small island nation, many surrounding kingdoms had fallen to Kryizon. Pianto acted differently, forming bonds with the Empire through marriage, securing its safety from Kryizon. This remained the status quo for generations, both realms profiting from each other.

    When Kysar Kyrin Skylar came to power at the return of the Second comet, a new approach to Pianto was introduced. Kyrin believed that whilst things remained peaceful with Pianto now, they could become problematic as Pianto was now sitting in the centre of Kryizon's growing Empire.
    A plan was set in motion to slowly sow the seed of rebellion in the Pianto citizens. Weakening the government, to allow a 'peaceful' take over by the Kryizon military.
    The plan took almost 40 years, but finally, in the Summer of 38 S.C, the 12th Legion marched into Pianto City, quelled the protests, and raised the Kryizon banner over the city. The remaining government officials were then rounded up by soldiers and civilians and put to the sword.
    The conquest of Pianto Dia Florina is one of Kyrin's greatest achievements, the Kysar celebrated with a triumph through not only Kyzon City but Pianto City as well, where the citizens welcomed him. They had been lied to, feed propaganda and lead to believe that Kyrin had saved them from a tyrannical oppressor. Kyrin was so ecstatic with his victory that he uncharacteristically granted full citizenship to all of Pianto's citizens. Bar the Orcs of course, who he had rounded up and sent to work camps on the continent.
    The realm of Pianto Dia Florina was no more, now it was a province, to be ruled not by an Emperess but a Premier.

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