IMW: Siege of Ijud'Bul

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    Iron Moon War: Subchapter 3: The Siege of Ijub'Bul

    The News of the victory over the wolves traveled quickly back to the Northern Strike Force, and the leadership there saw their opportunity. The fort, known as Ijud’bul in the orcish language, was well defended and even without the threat of a wolf on the bridge would be a cost they would have to pay.

    Pathfinder groups had tried to take a longer way around but the river was treacherous and the terrain just as much. If they ranged far enough around it would add far too much time and leave them open to more attacks. Helians were far from accustomed to sieges, culturally they encountered very few people who hid behind castle walls. They could not rely on the Valiant for help, orcs while vile barely fit the criteria for the Valiant to step in, if a wolf showed then they could get help from the lone Valiant they had in support, but Dame Valiant Alia was strict.

    A private musing around a fire was responsible for a tactic that the Helians had not considered. A passing commander heard the idea and before long Private Alec was standing before the the war council stammering his way through his idea. But within a few days they were ready to unveil his weapon. The front line of the Helians parted and a Heavy Draft stomped its way forward, but this draft was clad in thick plates of armor and jutting forward from its shoulders and head were huge spiraled horns. Private Alec was the one to start it off, and he used a ten foot pole with a brand on it to quickly sear the Draft’s backside. The animal reared up and kicked back, the zone was well clear of people and it charged forward. The bridge kept the creature on path. Helians roared in celebration as the initial surge of them followed the Heavy Draft. They had their shields up and were waiting for the arrows to make contact.

    The Orcs in the island fortress rained down arrows on the charging Draft, but the crude arrows skipped off the armor plates and even those that found some flesh barely penetrated and only served to enrage the creature more. The Gate was coming up quickly and they had barely put any arrows into the charging Helians. The enraged Heavy Draft made contact with the wooden gate and the frame, the locks, and the entire wall shook with the impact. On the backside of the door every inch of wood splintered out but didn’t fail. The Heavy draft backed up, arrows at this range were embedded into the armor and made the back of the draft akin to a porcupine. It didn't back up too far, dug in deep and charged hard at the gate and this time the weakened wood gave way and it was inside the gate area thrashing about as Orcs poured around it, trying to get the creature under control or kill it.

    The chaos was enough to give the Helians time, and they poured into the breach. The fighting was close and brutal, the orcs had the advantage with their size and strength where so many Helians couldn’t engage them at once. Three full days of fighting saw the Orcs retreating from the rear of the fort, leaving fires in their wake. The Helians were victorious, but stalled as the Island castle burned. They would have to wait until the fire burned itself out before they could continue their march after the orcs to their final stronghold.

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