Fun Fact: Halos

  • Prince

    The Halo is something that is synonymous with the faith in Helios. Halos are one of the highest signs of devotion and power. Halos take the form of glowing projections of colored light around the head, they are diverse and sometimes contain words or even simple images.

    Halo’s generate a small bubble of light around the person, and those who are well practiced can turn this brightness down or even turn their Halo off for a period of time.

    Knight Valiant upon receiving their final rites always manifest a Halo. High Priestesses who are particularly powerful may manifest a Halo. Members of the Blessed class of people often have Halos from birth. Clerics manifest Halos only when they are under the effects of a specific set of spells. Scholars of Zayl may manifest simple halos composed of eyes or phrases, it is very rare for Alkourie to bless someone with a Halo, and the same is said for Omar.

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