Lore Prompt 4: Body Language & Gestures

  • Prince

    What are some culturally significant examples of Body Language in your realm?

    What is something considered a display of Negative/Positive emotion?

    Are there Gestures that are ubiquitous to your realm?

  • Baron

    With the instant transmission of various information among myrmidons via pheromones, there's really no need for a lot of gestures. However, they have a number of hand signals, perhaps even a full sign language, that are done subconsciously while thinking. It's all seemingly vestigial from a time when perhaps myrmidons had more indepence and relied less on the Queen's pheromones and written information. Perhaps it's a link to a more primitive time when myrmidons were just becoming civilized. Nobody has been able to find out what these gestures mean, however. Unfortunately, the complex and mysterious sign language of the myrmidons is being phased out over time, and it's possible it could entirely disappear in our lifetimes.

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