The Service

  • Baron

    The morning bells beckon to the faithful, signaling the weekly service. A dense crowd makes its way through the streets towards the magnificent temple of Secunda. You are among this crowd. Like everyone else, You've come to attend the sermon and honor the Four. You make your way through the doorway into the dimly lit sanctuary. This is where I meet you again. You lower onto the pew and our feet touch. You look down onto the mirrored floor and there I am, matching your gaze from below.
    You've sinned so much, you know? We all have. I suppose that's why you're here? That's why all of us are here. You look back up and the priest begins his sermon. His decrepit, shaking old hands peel his tome open and he croaks the same words again. His dull voice drones, but surely you've memorized it.
    Finally, the tome is shut along with his mouth and he signals to the chorus and organ player. The chorus starts and the organ blasts. Truly that organ is handled masterfully. I can't see the player, but I know you've been eyeing her. How naughty. It's a good thing you're here now.
    Throughout the service, you rise for prayer and slump over again when it stops. You aren't bored, are you? A brass lady golem comes into the temple with a man in its clutches. It brings him to the front towards the bloody altar and he struggles the entire way. They say he's a drug addict and that he's a menace to society. I figure he deserves this, but you aren't entirely convinced, are you? Finally, the priest slits his throat, his blood spilling before the congregation. Everyone rises from the pews and claps, so why don't you? A weight is lifted from everyone and we are all cleansed from the sacrifice's blood. Glory to the Four, truly.
    With the service over, everyone rises and shuffles to the sides where tithes are paid. Surely you could be less stingy with your money? You seem to pause and look over at the sacrifice as his body is taken away. This is a much better fate than what he had planned for himself, you know? The crowd whispers amongst itself and you run into the bright, young organ player before you leave. The two of you exchange greetings and small talk before you pass into the doorway, where I have to leave you. I'll see you again next week, I'm sure.