The Déchirét Mountains, and Sant Amilaus

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    The Déchirét Mountains surround the southeastern border of the Dántaine region and have always been a symbol of great mystery in Dántaise culture. Though it is now possible to travel through the mountains with the help of recently-constructed passes, the range has historically been an untraversable, unknown wilderness. The only thing known to come from them are the Mountain Dwellers — groups of nomads who raid and pillage Dántaise villages and caravans every now and again.

    Thanks to this, the mountains have long been associated with danger and evil. This outlook dates back to prehistory. Written into the Sacrésante is the story of Sant Amilaus, a saint said to have lived about three millennia ago who was sent to earth to fend off hordes of dark creatures which emerged from the mountains. After several stalemate battles, Sant Amilaus waited for the Sea of Fog to appear — a natural phenomenon occurring in the spring and summer where large amounts of mist cover the mountains — and then moved under the cover of the fog to utterly destroy the dark creatures in their mountain lairs. Today, the springtime holiday Amilaus’ Day is celebrated to commemorate that victory, during which large bonfires are lit near the mountains to ward off the dark.

    The image shown above is a painting of the Déchirét Mountains during a Sea of Fog event.

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