How to handle the Nether update

  • Baron

    With 1.16 coming up soon, we'll update eventually (TM) so I wanted to start the discussion on how to handle the new stuff. The major update this time around is a completely redesigned Nether realm which conflicts with all of our current nether infrastructure. So how would you like to see us handle the new stuff?

    Some ideas floated so far would be:

    • Reset the Nether completely and redo the tunnels, farms, etc.

    • Reset the Nether but transplant the farms and tunnels using fancy editing (probs hard but doable)

    • Replace the default Nether with the new 1.16 one and keep the old Nether in a different area (two separate Nether worlds)

    • Don't do anything and let the new Nether generate in unexplored regions of the current realm.

    • Something else not yet thought of (by me)

    pls discuss and make suggestions.

  • Minister Duke

    I would be most down for either two nethers or transplanting current infrastructure

  • Knight

    I'd be for resetting it completely and redoing the tunnels with help of world edit.

    this would also give the opportunity to make boat lanes instead of horse lanes, which are much better, imo

  • Baron

    I’m fine with copy pasting farms or lanes, as long as nether gets regened. Not crazy about the two nethers idea

  • Baron

    I think we could put the current nether lines on top or right underneath the nether roof. As for farms maybe use world edit to remove spawning spaces for a witherskeleton farm as that did take a long time to do.

  • Baron

    I agree with Tsal and Runo's comments. It would be a lot of admin to set up but I feel it's far superior than having two nethers.

  • Baron

    i think the best thing to do is just regen the lines and i and other admins/minister teams can world edit/creative in new nether lines and farms

  • Baron

    I agree with the Fishlord

  • Commoner

    I think the proposals of transplanting or redoing the farms with WE are both good options. Just letting new nether generate in unexplored spaces is a good fallback if those don't work out. As long as I can get my pretty plants and the new stone blocks, I'm happy.

  • Duke

    I am in favor of redoing the netherline in WE and the farms in creative. But I would like to not have the lines be altered to be ice, I think doing the change to allow for slabs to stop spawning is fair, but outside of that I dont think we should.

  • Baron

    I would like to copy and paste the existing lines and farms as is. I think that personal lines or farms should be changed. I believe that anything that was built in survival ought to be fixed in survival.

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