Small Histories of Obrexia 1

  • Minister Duke

    The Obrex People:
    -The majority of the people in the cities and farms are descendants of the once wandering Obrex tribe. They settled down some few hundred years ago after they decided that the lands of Obrexia were a good place to stay. They intermarried with the local wildman tribes who never took much to the agrarian life of the Obrex people. Though some wildmen were tamed, a few Obrex also turned wild. The local high tribe married into the Obrex high family where they lead the whole land of Obrexia.
    (Excerpt from Obrex history, written 987 FC by Historian Julius of the High Library)

    The Daoine:
    -We are the free people that inhabit the ancient lands. The Daoine have histories as far back as over 600 cycles of the seasons ago. We are one with the land, for we return everything that we take in time. Nothing is as sacred as our ancient groves. We wield the power that courses through all of the living and enhances it. We supplement growth and give back fertility to the soil. Nothing is outside of the reach of nature. We live as our ancestors have always done and little will change, aside from an omen of great change in the world. Our oracles read that something will change soon, but they have been saying that for the last decade. Almost nothing changes in a day, but we await when the time comes.
    (Written Oration from a Daoine storyteller, 995 FC by Historian Gunther of the High Library)

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