IMW: Chapter 7: Expulsion

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    Iron Moon War: Chapter 7: Expulsion

    The violence had ended, not all of the orcs agreed to the terms but the dissenters were not met with Helian steel, but instead the justice of their own people. The Orcs had been defeated but their spirit was full of fire.

    Azuk with his son Ushug, put down dissenters with prejudice, a month of back and forth with enemies until they had put them down. This month they had, along with the Helians, negotiated for passage with the Bronze Water tribe, who were residents of a land across the western sea, but were somewhat of a nuisance on the Helian coast.

    When the black sails of the Bronze Water appeared it was both a worry and a welcome, Helian troops were on guard. Unsure if the hundred boats was meant to carry troops to fight them or if they truly were empty and waiting for passenger and good. When the Chief of the bronze water appeared out of his flagship and proved that they were empty did the mood finally settle. It took a handful of trips, although they were short given they were only going across a relatively small body of water.

    The last ships were reserved for Azuk’s tribe.

    There was a small ceremony at the exchange, the Helian commander gave a finely crafted sword to Ushug, it was marked with both Helian and Orcish script, and represented the bonds of battle. Both sides understood that their past grievances were settled at the passing of this weapon. The benefit of some shared gods, this bond made in the eyes of Alkourie, and they neither side would knowingly risk breaking it or they would bring the wrath of not only the god of War but of Lorna as well.

    Azuk gave himself up willingly, shackled in iron that had once been his people’s weapons. He knew he was to die, there was no question of it.

    Ushug watched his father drift away as he sailed off to the far coast. He was thoughtful like his father, and while his heart screamed for revenge his mind knew it should not be. He watched his father’s hulking for shrink and shrink until he was just a thought on the horizon, and then that horizon line turned to water.

    The Toten had faded as quickly as they had appeared with the army, their camp looked as if no one had ever even been there, no footsteps, not even a bent blade of grass. Some men questioned if the mage archer women of the woods were demons sent from the gods to aid them, but that talk was soon squashed as the Mother showed herself, intent to see Azuk die.

    The Commander, and knights there stopped the Mother from dealing the deathblow right there on the battlefield. They would see him tried in Hyperion, even if his initial crimes were against the Toten. The commander rightly told them, If they had wanted their own justice they should have defeated the Iron moon on their own.

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