IMW: Ushug Bargulg

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    Iron Moon War: Subchapter 1: Ushug Bargulg

    He pulled his sword free from the other chiefs chest. The Helian blade was truly a remarkable weapon, the magic in it was powerful and it seemed with every swing he was stronger for it. The Bronze Water saw the young chief as nothing more than a stepping stone to expanding his own power, but Ushug Bargulg was far from a small roadblock to overcome.

    “Are there anymore oathbrakers?” Ushug proclaimed to the watching crowd. “Anymore I should send to the Silent God?” He paned around the gathered circle, the tip of his blade pointing at each as he passed. No one stepped forward there were no challengers.

    “I do not want the Bronze Water. I wanted what my father before me did, peace.” He frowned. “But peace is only for the strong, you will do best to remember that if you should seek vengeance for your chief.” He wiped the blade on his arm and sheathed it.

    Two days later, the Iron Moon left, a few of their original tribes opted to stay on the coast, and what had once been 12 tribes was down to 8, but Ushug’s drive was not lessened by it. They traveled west, deeper into Bronze Water Territory, and eventually out into land where there was no obvious owner, into land untouched by men or mortal hands, to a place he hoped to remain safe.

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