The Gates

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    Situated on the north end of the Shol Eshho, The Gates is the only sea passage that connects the Koh to the Great Sea. It is the name for both the natural channel and the small town that has gradually grown around it. Ever since the Koh has set its sights on thalassocracy, the outlet has been a crucial base of operations for its merchant fleet, granting full Kohese control over the Shol Eshho.
    Originally, the settlement was nothing more than a watchtower, a small dock, and a small base of merchant marines. Gradually, however, its favourable location attracted fishers, failed traders, and other misfits, who were looking to make a profit and start a new life far from the sprawling city of Bar Hamiri. These settlers built their homes in the marshes next to the channel, elevated on stilts, so they could keep their feet dry during the monsoons and full moon tides. The town has little in terms of streets or paths, relying on the brackish waterways as a substitute instead.
    A small marketplace grounds the east side of The Gates, where local fishers sell their products and you can see the occasional traveller stopping by for a snack, warm bed, and perhaps some company, before continuing to Bar Hamiri. The Gates's wooden theme delivers quite a contrast compared to the splendour of Bar Hamiri's plastered buildings. Due to its frequent fog cover and windy weather, the town does not radiate hospitality, and the mossy woodwork does not exude the luxury of Koh’s heart, but appearances can be deceiving; locals are exceedingly friendly and welcome all to spend a few coins and stay the night.

    The Gates is a place that stands out from the rest of the Koh for its moody, misty atmosphere and shows that behind all the Kohese opulence, there is a seedy underbelly and a humble place to dock for weary sailors.

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    @Ari Yay lore!

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    Say I am a foreign sailor and I decide to stop for the night at The Gates. Where would be a good place to spend the night and spend those coins?