Johnathan, Advancement to Baron

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    Hello! As many of you know, my name is Johnathan. Today (or possibly yesterday, depending on how you count it) marks my 45th day on the server and in the community, and so, as per the charter, I believe I am qualified to be promoted to the rank of Baron. Although it's only been the bare minimum amount of time, I believe the amount of work I've accomplished in the past month and a half fully makes up for my greenness and earns me the title of Baron.

    If anyone needs a tour of my settlements to verify my claims, I'd be more than happy to. I'm free most of the time so if I can't do it at that very moment, I should be available within at least 12 hours of you contacting me. I would also be able to mark and/or list my specialized builds if anyone would like to check them out when I'm unavailable.

    Name: Johnathan, MC username “itbethatwaymyguy”
    Current Rank: Knight
    Rank Desired: Baron
    Build Count Total: 43

    List of Settlements and Screenshots, With Build Counts and Specialized Builds:
    Poirante, Martoise – 8 builds, Spec: 3
    Havrelée, Martoise – 35 builds, Spec: 12
    Map of Martoise detailing the locations of both Poirante and Havrelée

    L’Arboire Wine and the Village of Poirante (Forums)
    The Pilgrims of the Valley, and the Beginnings of the City of Havrelée (Forums)
    Poirante (Wiki)
    Havrelée (Wiki)

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    After a Far too lengthy time (Again I apologize so much,) your ascension to Baron has been approved. Congrats.

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    Hell yeah, Johnathan. Big baron swag.

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