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    Once a week lore from the daily posting thread will be collected here for easier reference.

    Also will create and update a list of topics already covered, which is here:

    • Dwarven Military Service
    • Spices in Obrexia
    • Mana Density in the Underdark
    • Dwarven Jewelry Creation
    • Messenger Birds
    • Mana and Magic in the Underdark
    • Ceremonial Druidic Names
    • Star Dance Festival
    • Route Between Obrexia and Gintaras
    • Where Druids Can Occur
    • Natural Convergences
    • Birthday Celebrations
    • Mandate of Obrexia
    • Pitcher Plants
    • Sugar Supply
    • Douglas' Story Chap 1
    • Daoine Hunting Celebration
    • Vunkul Dwarven Constitution
    • Musical Instruments
    • Kindness
    • Military Composition
    • Daoine Vocational Differences
    • Obrexian Ship Types
    • Ore Rich Caves
    • Vunkul Ores and Alloys
    • Weddings
    • Where Wels Osyatao Come From
    • Wels Osyatao Complaining Nature
    • Common Pets in Obrexia
    • Common Pests in Obrexia
    • Wels Osyatao Collaborative Nature
    • Alcohol in Obrexia
    • Wagons in Obrexia
    • Courtship in Obrexia
    • Settling Disputes in Obrexia
    • Local Delicacy 1

  • Minister Duke

    Week 1

    July 8th 2020
    Almost all dwarves in Obrexia serve in the military for a few years. The service is mandatory in all dwarfholds, though the period is for 2 years.

    July 9th 2020
    Spices are generally fairly common throughout Obrexia, with rosemary and thyme being grown for personal use by nearly every household, peppercorns being fairly prevalent as well. Salt is actually the most expensive, due to the difficulty in processing it from sea water.

    July 10th, 2020
    The underdark in Obrexia is merely mana dense. Most creatures are drawn to this, and will soon make their way down the many caves and caverns in The Golden North or The Grey Mountains. Once they are down there, they become transformed by the mana in a way that usually makes them hyper-aggressive, though this is the same type of mana exposure that allows animals to become a druid familiar, to a much greater degree.

    July 11th 2020
    While the Vunkul dwarves themselves are usually sparse on wearing jewelry, they tend to produce the highest quality jewelry in the whole realm. Nobles and other people of means use these pieces as an outward indication of status, as they can be quite expensive.

    July 12th, 2020
    News travels quite quickly across Obrexia due to the existence of a fairly large amount of messenger birds, usually hawks or kestrels trained to deliver messages to certain settlements before taking messages back to where they came from. This pattern is repeated, and thus word can spread faster than by land or sea would normally allow. Most messages have to be kept small, and nothing larger than a small stone can be sent, but many birds can be released with a chain of messages to get larger amounts of information across. This system has very little failure rate, as the birds usually only deviate for snacks mid-flight, and even then, not all of them do. There are not many natural predators to birds of prey in many parts of Obrexia, and thus the messages are safer than if left to a lesser type of bird.

    July 13th, 2020
    The Underdark spews a dangerous amount of mana, as well as terrible creatures towards the surface. The Underdark is also full of many magical materials, that if a group is brave, dumb, or strong enough might find great riches in never before seen resources. Extracting these resources or even getting themselves out alive to tell the tale is a completely different problem. Most expeditions into the Underdark are led by the Vunkul dwarves, as they have traveled the deep roads before. In some areas, sentient groups have set up entire towns where the people will never see the light of the sun, living in near-total darkness. Many have claimed to have been to these towns, but upon returning to the surface can never lead another to them. At least some of the dwarves of Vunkuldir know and trade with these towns, as many dwarven expeditions return with processed goods, but they refuse to divulge their locations, leaving this to still be a mystery.

    July 14th, 2020
    The city of Hawk's Landing does not come from the current Ruler's title as The Hawk Druid, but rather from a more ancient Hawk Druid, also of mixed descent between the Daoine and the Obrex tribes. Leival Isle was settled many years ago, around 740 FC. The specific Hawk Druid that Hawk's Landing was named after was Albright Hawkson, and the current Ruler, Bryson Hawkson, took inspiration from the name before adopting the name Hawkson for himself. It has since become a tradition for all druids to take a kind of ancestral name of past druids of the same breed of animal, with many Deer druids taking on the last name Doe, and many wolf druids taking on the name Gealach.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 2

    July 15th, 2020
    One Daoine holiday that is celebrated is the Star Dance, initially, this was a celebration only for those that managed to bring in enough food to survive the winter, but as the Daoine have become more communal it has extended into a celebration for all. It starts with a feast as the sun goes down on the Autumnal Equinox, lasting well into the night with games and other activities. One such activity is to release a painted pig to chase through the underbrush, and once caught, the family that manages to get it keeps it for their own winter larder. Children are the main participants, but it is an open competition for all adolescents. Many adults also participate to make sure the children don't stray too far or are put in any danger, though they don't get to chase the pig specifically. They sometimes give hints as to where the pig has gone if the children are lost or looking in the wrong area. Another favourite activity is the titular one, being the Star Dance. This dance is performed around an upright pole, and ribbons are weaved together around the pole by the participants. The dance starts when the moon is directly overhead and is about welcoming the stars as the nights get longer from then on. There is a similar dance during the Vernal Equinox, but it is about welcoming the sun and saying goodbye to the stars for a time.

    July 16th, 2020
    The route between Obrexia and Gintaras is naturally dangerous. Traversing the mesas and plateaus is the most dangerous, as water can become a scarce resource in these badlands. Many a first journey has ended in failure due to not taking this into account by novice merchants. Those that can make the journey are sure to see great riches, as the northern sea is a largely untapped market. The Merchant Council of Gintaras are primarily made up of Obrexian Merchants, though there are representatives of merchant houses from many other realms across the more southern seas. Kyrizon and Arcos are the main trading partners, and thus also have a few merchants on the Council of Gintaras.

    July 17th, 2020
    Druids can occur anywhere in the world, so long as a parter animal has been steeped in magic, and the soul binding ritual occurs in a place of concentrated magic. (Summary of last night's lore discussion, use druids if you want, I am saying that there is no reason to not use them, and it would be cool, thanks.)

    July 18th, 2020
    Places of natural convergence occur all over the world. What druids view as the power of the land, mana, is in their view constrained by stone, as it is harder to move through than air. Thus places like the Underdark is full of mana as once it gets down there it is relatively trapped compared to the surface world. Mountain valley collects all of the mana that rolls off of the nearby peaks, and thus can also be reliably used as wells of mana. Natural convergences take much more time to regain used mana, but they also can store a potentially much greater amount, as artificial convergences, or circles, employed by Druids use a ritual to create an unnatural imbalance, which will eventually be overcome and the excess will seep back into the surrounding environment.

    July 19th, 2020
    Birthdays are generally celebrated during the new year, with all the people born in that year turning 1 as the new year comes, this leads to some being up to 13 months apart but still being the same age, but this is generally seen as fine. Many do not keep an accurate enough calendar to know their exact birthday, but more important figures do. Many places have smaller celebrations at the end of the month, as that is something that most can track rather easily, but for official censuses and contracts, ages are given as if their birthday was on the new year.

    July 20th, 2020
    The Mandate upon which all of Obrexia derives its power structure from only gains power over time. As the nation expands, so does its power. Nobles will scheme, but Rulers have true power. Deposing of a noble family may seem like a hard task on the outset, but when every loyal institution bows to the throne always, it isn't as hard. Druids swear upon their circles, and those circles are bound to the Mandate just as much as Historians of the High Library are. The Strikers only ever obey the Rulership, and the heir in if designated. Any Striker that has been loaned out on mission carry their orders out, but would never contradict or try and harm the Ruler. This is a magical oath that all are sworn to upon completion of their training. As such, it is very hard to overthrow the Rulership.

    July 21th, 2020
    There is a species of seafaring pitcher plants that collect in tidepools and coves. These plants are adapted to eating or filtering small fish or planktons out of seawater, and any flies or other such small pests. They are often collected for this reason, and brought into many households. They have a pleasant aroma, something akin to a ripe peach, and it certainly attracts most flying insects, and even those that don't fly like ants. They are kept by nearly everyone, though maintaining them is a bit of work. They require at least partially salted water, and a fair bit of it. Thankfully a pinch of salt in a flagon of water will generally sate the plant enough for a week or two, depending on its size. All the plants in the village or town are brought out to be blessed and sanctified by druids that pass through each year, allowing for extended hardiness, and continued growth outside of their natural habitat.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 3

    July 22th, 2020
    Obrexians have a fairly stable supply of sugar from various sources, some made from processed beets, some from cane, and some imported from other lands. This sugar is used in a variety of way, but one of the most popular and common methods involve making a sweet bread. There are several regional varieties, with some making them so that the bread itself is sweet, others making the bread be plain, but having a sweet glaze poured over top. There are of course higher standards for the nobility, who make savoury sweet buns out of candied meats and a sweet bread base, before baking to soft doughy perfection and pouring a glaze overtop. One other popular sweet treat for those who can afford it is candied bacon, which has the helpful benefit of being easily portable, making it a staple to be sold at fairs and gatherings of any kinds.

    July 23th, 2020
    No one ever talks about those that come before. They didn’t make enough of a mark, and therefore deserve to be forgotten. Frankly, that is horseshit, but I guess I am one of the lucky few that managed to make their mark. My name is Douglas. I am a commoner, someone without a powerful family name backing them, one of the unwashed masses. There were many ways that the nobles phrased it to show us as lesser, but in reality, we are all equal. Not in our starting abilities, but in potential. Humans have the greatest aptitude to become anything that you can dream about, but many never reach their full potential due to things holding them back, be they external or internal.

    The rest can be found here.

    July 24th, 2020
    The Daoine have many cultural customs that are exclusively their own. One such custom is that the first kill of the season, regardless of who brought in, is shared among the entire village, and is usually grounds for a feast. It isn't quite as grand as other joyous occasions, and more about celebrating the life of the kill, and how it passes that life to all that consume it. For all that the law of nature applies to, so can it turn around and reap you. Everything requires something to survive, and it is so important for the young among the Daoine to know this that they celebrate this four times a year. There are some differences, but smaller villages will perform this with a lone deer, a fishing village would do this with the first load of fish, so everyone has something to eat, and so on. This is still celebrated in mixed Daoine-Obrex towns, but it is not celebrated in solely Obrex towns.

    July 25th, 2020
    The Vunkul dwarves are all quite hardy. They can all drink much in the excess of what a human or elf can, and they shrug off poisons faster as well. This is due to anatomical differences between the races, as well as the fact that they have multiple livers, between 2 and 4, depending on the specific individual. Most also have another set of kidneys, above where the normal generally resides. Combined with a stronger stomach, this allows dwarves to eat and digest most things without harm coming to them, and there are certain dwarves than can gain nutrition from the soil itself, though this is usually an outlier case rather than the norm.

    July 26th, 2020
    As with most things, there is a divide between what most Obrex and what most Daoine play as musical instruments. The Daoine have a great affection for drums and other percussion instruments. They are usually small enough where the player can be motile, and usually they will dance as they play. Stringed instruments are a close second to percussion, in particular a 7 stringed instrument similar to a violin. The Obrex are fond of woodwind and large stringed instruments such as the harp. The woodwinds can range from giant to smaller than a palm. The panflute is of particular favor, and it is a constant presence in most bars and pubs.

    July 27th, 2020
    One common Obrexian tradition that spans the entire length of the country, from Hawk's Landing up to the Lian Clan holdings is to be kind to strangers. It isn't uncommon for someone of great means to not show it, and the general belief that the more kindness in the world the better. This does not extend to those that are known and notorious freeloaders, but if you need a bed for the night, or a meal or two, most are willing to provide it free of charge. This has largely cropped up as a tradition across Obrexia since around 900 FC, but it is still going strong today with no signs of stopping.

    July 28th, 2020
    Obrexian military units are often quite different from what would be considered typical. Most units are composed of a mix of soldiers, but not all are as such. Some units, such as scounting and ranger units, can be composed entirely of Daoine peoples, who are generally better at bushcraft than the Obrex. Other units are elite squads, that soldiers are placed in when they register with the military. They require passing many tests, as well as being able to fight with a member of the squad semi competently. These squads are generally not limited to how large they can become, and they only shed members when they retire or move up in the ranks as is more common. Regulars in the military can challenge those in the elite squads for their place, the only catch is that they will not get the expertise and training that those of the elite have, nor will they gain any immunity from being challenged themselves, and thus this rarely happens. These challenges are to be nonlethal and to even keep injury at the minimum, and there are steep penalties to breaking these rules.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 4

    July 29th, 2020
    While some might think that the Daoine are somehow lesser or inferior to the Obrex, this is simply not true. The Daoine are a proud and storied people, and while they have not officially gone to war in centuries, they have kept their edge. They practice and spar multiple days a week, and have a much higher rate of going into the military even when you take into account the smaller population size compared to the Obrex. The Daoine also have a higher rate of Druids than the Obrex, and while the vast majority are prey typed, they still practice battle magics until they have a core few they can always call upon. They are generally lessed skilled at metalworking, having mainly bought those goods from the Obrex, but they are skilled in other vocations, mainly woodcraft and stoneshaping. Druids who practice these skills are said to be able to sing furniture out of the natural world, seamlessly, though not effortlessly. These pieces are highly prized throughout Obrexia, as they rarely take commissions from outsiders.

    July 30th, 2020
    Obrexian ships can be broken down into two main classes at the current point in time, being the larger Haulers and the smaller Guardians. Haulers carry the cargo and fit as few people on them as they can run with. Guardians are deployed to escort Haulers, and most Guardians are used by the Rulership and the Navy. Some merchants don't charter an escort because it is an expensive endeavour, but they are much more likely to be lost to blacksails than if Guardians are deployed. If only a small number of people or goods need to be moved, a lone Guardian can outrun a good number of other vessels, and can brave the waters alone. Diplomatic missions usually involve both types as gifts are brought forth, and usually the people are of higher importance and require more guards. A usual merchant deployment consists of a 3 Haulers and 6 Guardians, with a usual diplomatic mission being 1 Hauler and 4 Guardians.

    July 31th, 2020
    The many caves throughout Obrexia are ore-rich. They are also denser in magic than most of the surface world. The Grey Mountains are incredibly rich in ore in their own right, mostly iron, but many other ores have been excavated by the Vunkul Dwarves. Their metalwork is known throughout the realm, but they are not the primary source for anything south of The Golden North, mines such as Terra Mines provide plenty of Iron and Coal for most of Obrexia.

    August 1th, 2020
    The Vunkul Dwarves have a special alloy, made of gold and another ore named palorium, a primarily red dust. When smelted together at specific ratios, the resultant alloy is stronger than steel. It is relatively expensive to produce, even considering that the Vunkul dwarves mine gold out of The Grey Mountains. Two of the main clans in Vunkuldir are those of the Gold Clan and the Palorium Clan. The making of the alloy is a joint venture between the two, and they are close allies.

    August 2th, 2020
    Weddings and unions are a joyous occasion, usually celebrated by a whole village or at least a section of a town or city, as many families span widely, with many sets of cousins and siblings. Wedding celebrations are not solely on the married couple, but spread through both of their families, as well as every guest bringing a dish or two to be enjoyed by all. This is a great communal time, and even if one of the two being married have no living blood, where they work is seen as familial, and they will help shoulder the cost.

    August 3th, 2020
    The Wels Osyatao once lived in the Jungles northwest of Obrexia. Some still do. The main purpose for some of them leaving was an invasion of cicadas. The incessant noise bothered them so much that they decided to leave. As a whole, they have very short tempers and are near incompatible with change, and this invasion by the cicadas was enough to drive out a significant number of these Osyatao. Despite their tempers, they are pleasant people. When they can settle into a routine, they are some of the best neighbors to have, just hope that you don't manage to make a significant enough change that they have to immediately confront it.

    August 4th, 2020
    Traveling down the coast, the Wels Osyatao stopped frequently. Most of them would complain often, not that any of them were paying attention to these complaints. They would take turns rowing, changing frequently because the rowers would complain the most, even if they had only been rowing for ten minutes. Once the arrived on the northern coast of Obrexia, they traveled inland until they reached secluded portions of freshwater. Here they made their signature mud caves, though they were mostly not made of mud. Most only have a water entrance, sealed with an underwater door, but some built above the waterline. These caves are known to have many rooms and are not lacking for utility, having functioning kitchens and amenities despite the rather ancient architectural style.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 5

    August 5th, 2020
    There are a few common pets kept throughout Obrexia. The most common being the Obrexian Hunting Hound. They are protectors of the Home and of those that live there. Another common animal is the domestic cat, kept in farming communities to keep pests at a manageable level. They are not often seen in the Daoine communities because they are seen to disrupt natural ecosystems, though there is often at least 1 cat in those communities. A third type kept are smaller birds of prey, such as Kestrels and small Hawks. They can be trained to keep watch, deliver messages, and just be a companion to those they share a bond with. These are usually kept by single individuals, as the birds prefer a quieter environment, and have been known to go into shock when it is changed too drastically.

    August 6th, 2020
    There are a variety of common pests in Obrexia, though some are more dangerous than others. The field mice destroy crops, both before and after they are harvested, and cats are often used to keep their populations low. Locusts are also a common blight, and they are managed in the same manner, though they are also picked off by many bird species, which are fostered and fed to keep them around for this very reason. In Daoine territories there are small herds of magically inclined creatures, that should some of them find the right people, could create druids, but until that time, they harass and scare other prey animals in the woods, claiming territory and causing some of the Daoine to go hungry. Hunting parties are created to rid the community of these pests, though people are first brought forth, to see if a new druid will be born, before they are hunted.

    August 7th, 2020
    The Wels Osyatao are a naturally collaborative group. They thrive in group environments, and actively seek to turn everything into a group activity. Even though they detest travel and change, so long as they are doing those things with friends, even the whiniest of them will keep the complaints to a minimum. All workshops are open plan in their communities, so they can all sit around and talk as they work. Highly social creatures, they cannot perform nearly so well when working in isolation. This extends to home life as well, with most of the post adolescents living in communal homes with their friends, until they decide that they would like to have children, whereupon they will either move into a single family home, or they and their friends will work to excavate a new one. They generally return to the group environments after their children are grown so that they can be closer to their friends again.

    Surprise double lore! August 7th, 2020
    Alcohol in Obrexia flows quite freely. Most taverns have at least medium grade variety, and of course the more wealthy tap houses have the highest available to the general public, but there are plenty of varieties that the wealthy, nobility, or merchants purchase for their own consumption or as a precious good. There are a few varieties that are known within the Obrexian trading partners and they are as follows:

    Druidic Berry Wine: Made from the freshest berries infused with druidic power, both during the growing process and when it is made into wine. The purest of spring water is used to give an even greater flavour. Aged in a spruce cask for up to 10 years, this wine is a great favourite among the nobility of Obrexia.

    Darely Wine: Made out of the sweetest of grapes, plucked fresh from vineyards across the realm of Obrexia. Southern Darley Wine is a fruitier, lighter wine with bright undertones, due to the qualities of the coastal soil. Northern Darely Wine is a bit sharper, with darker tones, as the berries are harvested from the mountainous soil.

    Quill: A dwarven drink, part narcotic, part alcoholic beverage. Many dwarves partake in it quite regularly, and it packs a strong punch. Derived from a similar plant to the Druidic Berry Wine, mixed with aged honey from bees that feed on mountain flowers. It is infused with spores from the deep, which add the narcotic effect of attention, and slight energy. Can be addictive if abused.

    Generally when being sold, the addictiveness of Quill is not advertised, and not as pronounced until larger volumes are consumed consecutively.

    Obrexia also imports alcohol from Calledonia, a concoction called Tequila, which is a favourite for as a foreign delicacy in many taverns across Obrexia.

    August 8th, 2020
    Wagon trains are a common sight in northern Obrexia, but not so much south of Holden. The Daoine and the Thurrial Wilds as a whole are seemingly untapped, mostly because the terrain is very much not conducive to wagons. Most bridges that exist are narrow and unable to support the sustained weight of the wagon trains, the ground is near-constantly wet, with wagons getting mired daily. Much of the terrain is sloped with rolling hills. Instead, wagons or very small trains only go between the nearest ports and the Daoine towns that can be reached. The goods that are exported carried back in the same wagons, to be shipped around and up the coast, to other Obrex towns. This fact makes it very rare for Daoine goods to make it all the way to Vunkuldir, with most items having already been sold by this point in the journey, with the reverse being true as well, as most of the goods from the Vunkul dwarves hopping the coast, and very little being sold before the central port of the south, Hawk's Landing.

    August 9th, 2020
    As with many things in Obrexia, there is a large divide between the way the Obrex and the Daoine do things, this time, in particular, courting gestures. Obrex are more formal, putting forth more effort in a hope to get to know one another, this more formal courtship offer is done by delivering flowers to the one that is being courted, as well as a gift to the parents. This is not an exclusive thing only done for men seeking women but also applies the other way as well. It is not uncommon for the woman to start the courtship, and the same gestures are generally followed.

    The Daoine follow a different approach, but similar in some aspects. It is usually required that a suitable suitor provide a meal for the family of the person they wish to court, be it baking bread, and buying meats, preparing the foods, or even hunting the meat and buying the bread. This is simply a gesture to show that no one will go hungry, and that they have the capability to provide for them both. The Daoine again are rather equal in who initiates the courtship, because they have another step, after someone has been picked, they have to do the same for their suitor. Providing a meal for them and their family to prove that it was the correct choice in picking them. They are also more casual in this, if dinner doesn't go all that well, it isn't uncommon to call it off there.

    For both groups, this is the more formal initiation, neither group holds any particular disdain for dating, and it is engaged by almost everyone. The courtship gestures are the first overture of something more formal, and the suitors will have already gotten to know each other a great deal before the formal courtship even begins.

    August 10th, 2020
    Disagreements in Obrexia are settled in a variety of manners. Again, showing a great dichotomy between the two groups, the Daoine and the Obrex do things differently. Obrex towns of sufficient size usually house an Arbiter, a judge that will help solve issues and can mete out punishment for breaking agreements and contracts. Towns and villages that don't have their own Arbiter rely on wandering Arbiters, who are constantly traveling up and down Obrexia, passing through a handful of times a year, in between, problems are usually settled in more ancient manners, such as with a bet of a dice roll, or fisticuffs. Criminal proceedings are of course handled in a different manner, as most are not willing to hold criminals long enough to wait for a wandering Arbiter. Arbiters do sometimes make judgments in criminal cases, but they are more often involved in personal disputes.

    The Daoine handle most matters internally and have a chain of action depending on the severity of the matter. The first rung is the village Chieftan, which all villages will have, though in the smaller villages there won't likely be all that much to distinguish them from the general populace. The Elder Council is up next, which is a collection of those that are the longest-lived in the village and can help settle or debate matters as this is usually a council of 5 or 7. Next up the rung would be The Chieftan Council, and this is usually for disputes that occur between members of different villages or towns. Usually comprised of at least 3 chieftains, 1 from each of the disputing towns, and an extra that is outside the matter at hand to give an impartial judgment.

    The Vunkul Dwarves do things in a slightly similar way Daoine, in that most actions are brought before the Three Clan Leaders, who settle the matter in their throne room, with trials and other criminal proceedings also occurring here. There are two galleries to watch these events, though they are strictly guarded to ensure that no one is causing a ruckus. It is good entertainment if you have nothing else to do for the day and are willing to spend most of your day in silence while matters are brought forth and argued.

    August 11th, 2020
    A common delicacy that introduces many foreigners to Obrexian cuisine is commonly served in almost every port in Obrexia. The ingredients are simple to procure in port towns as many vegetables are brought in from the countryside, and many fish are plucked from the sea's plentiful bounty. This dish requires a signature Obrexian herb in Thyme, as well as fresh sea bass. With the two main ingredients gathered, they are often entouraged with carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. This dish is a classic of Obrexian cuisine and was spiced up further with the import of lemon citrus from Kisaevin. Regularly enjoyed by many, this dish does well to introduce new flavours into the pallet of many a traveler journeying through the many ports of the land.

    For those curious, this was inspired by this recipe, and maybe you can try it for yourself one day.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 6

    August 12th, 2020
    On the darkest night of the year, the winter solstice, villages gather in the dead of night to celebrate the darkness fleeing from the light. This 'Coming of the Light' Ceremony is accompanied by giving gifts and spreading cheer during what is usually the most depressing time of year. Consumables like candy and bits of sweet-savory treats are given to young and old alike, for who doesn't a snack help? Children get whittled toys and exchange them freely amongst themselves until everyone has one they are satisfied with. Of course, they are free to not exchange the one they received, around half exchange, with the other portion keeping their original. Adults usually receive a useful household item from a neighbor, before giving a similar gift in exchange, such as new quilts or new kitchen knives. Unlike most things, this is celebrated by both the Daoine and the Obrex, though it started long ago as a Daoine tradition, dating back many hundreds of years, to a time when they were in their darkest hour, and the light rode across the sky to sweep away a great and terrible evil. During the rather recent comet, celebrations raged for weeks about how this light was seen as a great fortune, even if it came at the passing of the old Ruler, and the arrival of a new, brighter Ruler, Bryson Hawkson.

    August 13th, 2020
    This is just gonna be a link to the thread, as it has many links in the post that I don't want to do over again.

    August 14th, 2020
    Hats are a fairly typical addition to an outfit, from straw hats to ward off the sun when working the fields, to a floppy fisherman's hat that serves much the same purpose. Working-class people have a wide variety of hats, mostly used to protect against something. Merchants display a bit of wealth, usually with a crest of their company embroidered on it. These caps are usually closer to a skull cap, and lacks a brim, being near purely decorative. Nobles generally hold disdain for hats, which of course makes them a perfect part of their repertoire for going out and not being recognized. Many nobles own a wide variety of hats, used to blend among the populace when discretion is needed. Bryson Hawkson himself has many hats, not that a general disdain from the nobility would sway the Ruler on nearly any matter as inconsequential as dress. He favours a wide-brimmed straw hat, mostly to keep shaded as he is out and about, though Helena, his animal companion very much dislikes it, as it ruffles her feathers when she is perched on his shoulder and is prone to fits of destruction when she can no longer put up with it. For this reason, he buys them in bulk.

    August 15th, 2020
    There are a few truly great taboos in Obrexia. The foremost being to never ever interrupt an animal seeking someone. Stopping someone from becoming a druid is one of the greatest transgressions one can perform, as druids are seen as a highly beneficial resource that will greatly help the whole country. Another taboo, though much less severe, is being wasteful. Even on the individual level, it isn't great to leave a meal unfinished or to simply toss an item that still has a use. The reasoning for this being that something had to die to sustain you, be it a plant or an animal. This is the law of nature, but the law of nature is to also use it all, to make ensure that their sacrifice is not in vain. Everything that is reaped must be used in as best a manner it can, otherwise, you have reaped a life that need not have been, and that is one of the greatest sins of Creideamh an Domhain, the religion that most people in Obrexia follow. As such, it has become rooted in culture, and if you cannot make use of an item, you give it to someone or something that can. Be it laying out meal scraps for animals and plants to reclaim, or giving materials harvested from a hunt to someone that can work them, such as hide or bone.

    August 16th, 2020
    Tattoos are fairly commonplace, with around 1/3 to 1/2 of people having them. Again, there are two distinct styles, one from the Obrex, and another from the Daoine. The Daoine prefer knotwork, and more animalistic designs, while the Obrex tends to be more geometric, and angular. Sailors usually have a tattoo for every ship they have sailed with, and it isn't too uncommon for lovers to get matching designs. The natural growth of Daoine style tattoos become a sort of living tapestry for those that participate, telling the story of the individual's life, from their first design to every milestone that warranted an addition. Both peoples use a stick with a comb dipped in ink, reminiscent to the traditional Samoan method, this style was brought with the Obrex, and the Daoine adopted it as a superior method of tattooing.

    August 17th, 2020
    Footwear in Obrexia is fairly typical across the entire realm, and there is little dichotomy between the Obrex and Daoine, and more between the different social classes of each. Most tend to wear a thick-soled sandal, strapped to their feet, allowing airflow while protecting the sole. A special material is used to coat the bottom of the sailor's sandals to allow them more grip on the watery deck. Higher class individuals prefer a more closed moccasin, usually of a soft hide. Druids are a special case in that most prefer to go shoeless, to be connected to the land more firmly. The army employs more regularity in footwear, providing all individuals with metal shod boots with strong grips on the sole to provide protection and traction in all terrain. Bryson Hawkson usually bucks the general trend of no shoes when in public, but will often wear sandals to the point of breaking and beyond, having a connection with the earth while maintaining a lie that he is wearing proper shoes.

    August 18th, 2020
    There are two competing claims for the oldest tree in all of Obrexia and the surrounding lands, one being from the reclusive wood elves that inhabit secluded sections of the eastern woods, whose greatest city is built into the trunk of the Coeden fyd, or as translated to Obrex, the World tree. It is central to their religion, and nearly all wood elves will make the pilgrimage there multiple times in their life. The other tree is in the most ancient hold of the Daoine, Caldon. It is also central to the faith of Creideamh an Domhain, though it is for a different reason, in that most believe it to be the seat of Nature's Power in the world, and thus they call it Throne Mór Glas, translated into Obrex to mean the Great Green Throne. The druids of the grove of Caldon guard this tree fiercely, not allowing any non-druid within nearly a mile of the tree, lest someone manages to come as close to harming it as the ancient tales warned of. Both date their trees as predating their culture as it is currently known, and while they do bicker about whose is older, it is more of a friendly rivalry than an actual point of contention between the groups.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 7

    August 19th, 2020
    The Obrexian Port Authority is a specialized branch of the military, who are mostly composed of accountants, though there are special units that are stationed around all ports to protect people and goods from both directions. Fees are collected and held in the barracks, before being shipped out in regularly guarded wagons or Guardian ships. Having dealt with multiple drastic plagues since the nation's inception, including one that was extremely recently, they are well versed and practiced in quarantining ships, more than willing to sink those that try and go around inspection. Fees are collected upon docking, with 1% of the declared cargo value being excised after the docking fee and inspection.

    August 20th, 2020
    A traditional hunting tradition of the Daoine is to give the animal one last mouthful of food, to accompany it, and nourish it as it nourishes them. This has been a tradition since time immemorial, though it was not adopted by the Obrex with their semi-merger.

    August 21th, 2020
    The sea between Obrexia and Anaetyr is known as the Sea of Storms, with an alternative name being Muir na Stoirme, due to the high volume of terrible weather that plagues the area. This makes trade fairly difficult for such a short distance and is part of why there is so little trade or communication between the two realms, as it is safer to follow the coasts out of the Sea of Storms than it is to cross it by far.

    August 22th, 2020
    The waters and winds in the bay to the west of Obrexia are rather still and calm, thus most ships will sail the coasts before going further out to sea. A druid is usually required to sail those waters easily. Sometimes storms will roll into the bay from the south, but the wind produced is usually pushing in multiple directions, and it is always inadvisable to sail into a storm.

    August 23th, 2020
    A common Obrexian sport is Troid Cré, where two teams are gathered, as well as two different colours of clay. This clay is then made into facsimiles of weapons, such as being smeared on the end of a stick to approximate a spear, or just thrown as a clump from a sling or by hand. Where the clay sticks to people is what determines whether or not they are 'out', with killing blows being the abdomen, neck, head, or above the heart. Many current parents absolutely despise this game, because everyone returns all bruised and muddy, and grinning like fools. Most that play are male, and it is generally just seen as a condoned method of beating each other with sticks like they had planned to do in the first place.

    August 24th, 2020
    A rather uncommon occupation in Obrexia is that of the bodyguard. Most people of enough importance will be assigned military escort, and it is only the underbelly and those that have something to hide that hire private muscle. Merchant Lordlings clamoring to keep their secrets, shady brothels and gambling dens. The Stailceoir are the best of the best in the bodyguard business, as they are one of the highest ranks one can hope to achieve, though they are all magically bound to the Ruler's will. The Ruler themself is guarded by the Speaker of the Stailceoir, as well as various other strikers at all times, serving as both pieces on the board that the Ruler will always have, security, and assistants all rolled together.

    August 25th, 2020
    Assassins slink through the shadows of every realm, though in Obrexia there is very little overarching organization. Many children groomed into becoming assassins know that so long as they can reach a military or guard outpost, that they will be able to join up and gain protection from the Rulership, as the indoctrination and intense training is a great leg up Stailceoir training. Many youths aspire to become a Stailceoir, and if their indoctrination is not heavy enough, many will rebel. Those that do make it through any training usually stick with whoever had them trained, carrying out orders as a normal assassin would. Most nobles in Obrexia will actually not try and train their own, as the death of all Nobles is investigated by the Stailceoir, and almost nothing slips past them. Any connection between the assassination and a noble house would place them under immediate scrutiny, and the Rulership would have great leverage to use as they see fit to reform the noble house, and if they could not be reformed, disbanded, and stripped of nobility, for another to be raised in its place.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 8

    August 26th, 2020
    Horses have been bred for generations in Obrexia to attain the fastest possible result. There are many ranches that sell directly to the Obrexian Military for the express purpose of giving mounts to the Scouting Divisions and officers. One such ranch that was created relatively recently is just outside of Sunfield, and around a half day's ride from Vunkuldir. Though a costly endeavor, this ranch has recently imported breeding stock from Ornthas and is looking to push the speed of the next generation even further.

    August 27th, 2020
    Astrology in Obrexia is relatively simple, with each month corresponding to one constellation, which is seen as the primary constellation for that month. New Life is represented as the Lotus, for renewal and regrowth. Sown Seed is represented by the Grain, for fertility and change. Rain's Time is represented by the Cloud, for tranquility and compassion. Heat's Rise is represented by the Fire, for passion and drive. Sun's Height is represented by the Diamond, for light and temperance. Warmth's Reign is represented by the Cat, for rest and mischievousness. Last Fire is represented by the Torch, for knowledge and invention. Leaf's Change is represented by the Deer, for dignity and perseverance. Harvest's Moot is represented by the Cresent, for fortune and good harvest. Cold's Edge is represented by the Breeze, for mercurialness and wandering. Snow's Birth is represented by the Hawk, for vigilance and travel. Ice's Reign is represented by the Hare, for self-reliance and family. Night's Rise is represented by the Mountain, for shadows and indulgence. Last Frost is represented by the River, for the passage of time, and balance.

    August 28th, 2020
    Twice a year, Féile na Beatha, or the Festival of Life, is celebrated. This holiday is a day where everyone takes the time to celebrate with those around them. Everyone has the day off, to rest, relax, and recharge. This Festival has roots in the Daoine practice of the same name, having been adopted in the coming centuries since the merger. It started out as a celebration that those participating made it through that period of time, but it has morphed into a general celebration of life, and of leaving grievances in the past.

    August 29th, 2020
    The main colour in Obrexian bred thoroughbreds is white with black spots. Once Ornthasian stock was introduced, it created a darker undercoat, making the whole of the horse closer to gray as a base state.

    August 30th, 2020
    Classically trained healers from the Healer's Hall in Hawk's Landing can provide a variety of cures. They are all trained in basic alchemy and know recipes to stave off common illnesses and woes, made from a variety of ingredients up and down Obrexia. Healers tend to travel the coast if they don't have a home town to return to, traveling with Adjudicators north of the Thurrial Wilds, and traveling in groups within. They accept a variety of payments for their medicines and skills, though the cost is never high, as apprentice healers fresh from the halls will do a few years of community service before gaining journeyman titles. Druids also provide healing, though they moreso just speed up the natural processes of the body, and if a bone is improperly set, druidic magic will worsen the injury, requiring it to be rebroken and set correctly. Druids provide their services to the whole town for a few meals and shelter, only accepting that which helps in the current point in time, and they will rarely accept currency.

    August 31th, 2020
    A common sea creature that takes residence in coastal waters is the Scuidportán, a nasty amalgamation of a cephalopod and local crustacean. Most are surprised to hear that it was originally a single breeding pair that got loose from the home of a rogue wizard, and this strangely smart creature was able to thrive. First being spotted in 29 S.C. they are now a prominent part of the local water life, and they are quite tasty when cooked.

    September 1th, 2020
    Another special plant in Obrexia is the Fennigan fern, a special fern that is grown as a crop in small quantities. This plant is mildly intoxicating when ingested, and is used as a 'spiritual aid' so that people may find peace within themselves. Addictive when consumed often, causing terrible withdrawal symptoms. It is frowned upon when ingested regularly, but taking it once every so often is viewed in a neutral light.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 9

    September 2th, 2020
    Most people in Obrexia have irregular work weeks. Very few people have schedules that are set in stone. Most will work a few days, take a couple off, and then work a few more. Work is extremely flexible, as a good portion of people only rely on their own labour. Some merchant groups and companies have more set schedules, but there is a lot of flexibility built into this. Most can take any day off that they need, with little long term effects.

    September 3th, 2020
    There tend to be little difference in what gender takes what job in Obrexia. Most tend to work the same job as their parents however.

    September 4th, 2020
    The town of Wolfpine is named after the generations of Wolf Druids that decide to settle down in this place as their home.

    (You fools, did you think I would forget a day, even though I am posting this at almost 4 am?)

    September 5th, 2020
    No one is exactly sure how old druids can become, when they start to age visibly, they usually retire to an unknown location in the Thurrial Wilds, completely withdrawing from public life. The location is not unknown from lack of trying, and all that is known is that it is south of Startide, located in a valley. No one can tell you how to enter this valley, or even where any location is to view it.

    September 6th, 2020
    The isle Leival, upon which Hawk's Landing sits has quite the successful port, guarded in part by a contingent of ships that are constantly circling the isle. This guard is mostly composed of Guardian ships, with a few Haulers deployed specifically to resupply groups of Guardians. Most ships never come in for a full dock, as the crew is rotated out with the new supplies. They sail even in stormy conditions, and carry at least a few weeks of provisions should a ship get turned around in turbulent weather.

    September 7th, 2020
    Dumplings are a common dish in Obrexia, make from a wheat or barley dough, stretched thin, and then filled with whatever meat or vegetable is on hand. They are generally boiled until cooked through, and then seared to give the outside colour and flavour. A common combination is carrot and potato chunks mixed with either pork or beef cubes. Those that can afford it will fry the dumplings in oil. Savoury dumplings will usually be served with a savoury sauce, such as a beef fat sauce prepared from the same meat that the cubes are diced from. An example of a sweet dumpling would be an apple-filled dumpling, sprinkled with either cane or beetroot sugar. Sweet dumplings are usually served with a sweet sauce, usually another fruit such as mango chutney, or something along those lines.

    September 8th, 2020
    There are said to be blue and red trees deep in the heart of elven territory, and druids all over Obrexia long to see and study them.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 10

    September 9th, 2020
    The most defended place in Vunkuldir is not the front gates on the surface, nor is it the throne room. The most guarded place is the Spiral. A deep staircase leading into the depths of the world, going to the top of Vunkuldir and plunging down into the Underdark. The bottommost layer of Vunkuldir is a nest of criminals in the outlying tunnels, and armoured battalions who guard the higher layers against the horrors that are below.

    September 10th, 2020
    Many in the Artaire forest claim to see a giant flying snake in the forests of northern Obrexia. They also claim that it is seemingly not interested in humanoid sized creatures, and that it has feathers made entirely of light. Some seek this creature out, others tell stories of it to scare friends and family alike.

    September 11th, 2020
    Some claim to see creatures made entirely of elements move about, such as little stone men, or dancing creatures made of flames hopping between campfires. Surely they are just seeing things, right?

    September 12th, 2020
    Those that manage to find their way down into the depths can stumble upon many strange things. Sometimes they are ruins, of a group long since passed, sometimes you will stumble upon a group that is very much living. Those that can manage to extricate themselves from the depths tell wonderful stories of dusky skinned individuals, of all varieties. A collective trait they all share is a minor aversion to light, and sensitivity to loud noises. Some merchants of Vunkuldir who use the deep roads to get to other dwarfholds can and often do know more, but they are unwilling to tell.

    September 13th, 2020
    Dwarves of all sexes wear their beards with pride. The history of any particular dwarf can even be read to some extent by the decorations contained within and on them, and it is possible to glean station, occupation, and oftentimes age just from ornamentation alone. A dwarf without a beard is seen as honourless, or cowardly, as they are seen as too afraid to share their stories.

    September 14th, 2020
    Many think that those living in the Daoine communities are poorer, or have serious deficiencies compared to the Obrex, this is not the case. Most villages will teach children to read and write, as well as prepare them for any life that they could want, even if that means moving to an Obrex town. Trade skills are highly valued, and many can have a half dozen apprentices at a time for some of the more highly sought after skills of carpentry and herbalism.

    September 15th, 2020
    The Obrex surveil land in a very specific manner. The first step is to find the nearest water source and then look for any nearby resources. Most places in Obrexia have abundant timber, and nearly all of the coast is a prime fishing location. After water and resources are found, break away settlers who think that they can do better in a new location will tend to move there. People who would be on the lower end of a town like Riverwatch would move and reap the benefits of being a founder. Once a town grows to a sufficient size, a mayor or elder council will be elected, who rule up until a settlement grows to the size of a town, upon which they will usually have a noble family raised to be in charge, though the elder council or mayoral positions would not be disbanded, they are supposed to exist as a more reachable portion of the ruling group, who provide counsel to the noble. The noble will report to a noble higher up in the chain, or if in a sufficiently sized independent territory will grow in power to be those that newer outlying towns would then report to. Ultimately all nobles report to the Rulership, though they are supposed to be advisors in turn to the Ruler. The Parliament of Nobles take responsibility of most policy and peacekeeping efforts, but all nobles serve at the leisure of the Ruler, who can overturn any piece of policy, anywhere in the chain, be it a local edict, or a new law that would affect Obrexia as a whole.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 11

    September 16th, 2020
    Bryson Hawkson has ruled fairly in his time as Ruler these past 45 years. Merchant lords brought low, and new revenue gained from smuggled good. Nobles brought to bear, once again reaffirmed to the Rulership. Prosperity has generally reigned, even under the hardships that they have had to bear. First came the comet, signaling the end of an age. A new Ruler appointed, yet one that had little experience ruling.

    September 17th, 2020
    Next came the Long Dark, bringing out the beasts from the earth as they burst forth. They were brought low before too long, slain, or driven back, but not before they exacted their price. In the lower half of the realm, entrances were sealed that led down into the bowels of the earth, or most of them anyway. The north is another tale, for monsters still reign in the darkness there.

    September 18th, 2020
    Not long after, pirates of the Black Fog filed out of their hiding spots. Plaguing the seas with their craven antics, and yet little more than an annoyance to those ships guarded by the Navy. Protection comes at a high price, but all but guarantees freedom from attacks.

    September 19th, 2020
    Drought rocked the land next, but there wasn't much the Navy could do for that. It was a tough period, but the people of Obrexia are strong, and they adapted. Druids conjured water where they could, but even this was not a full solution, as with so many plants withering, less mana was being produced. Most survived, and many have a tale from this time, a time where they went days without clean drinking water, or when they were hungry the winter after because they had been unable to build up the food supply. But most pulled through. And those that did not, are remembered.

    September 20th, 2020
    Plague spread next as if mocking the people. This was the worst period in the last 45 years. Many died, with little that could be done for them. Obrexia was more ready than most, with some remembering the lessons their elders had given them from plagues of a previous age. Many, however, did not remember those lessons, and they paid for It with the lives of everyone around them. Many died, and many fought over what supplies they did have. Thankfully, as druids have a natural resistance to disease, none were at risk. Since they could work with near impunity, they healed where they could. Taking care of symptoms of the plague that would otherwise kill, saving many lives as they could now weather the worst of it.

    September 21th, 2020
    The Wels Osyatao suffer without when they are not surrounded by friends. It is a near physical pain for the extremely social race. Rarely do you see a lone Wels Osyatao, less rarely you see pairs, but most often you will see them traveling or working in groups of three for more.

    September 22th, 2020
    The Wels Osyatao dwell in relative seclusion compared to other races in Obrexia, preferring to have as little travel as possible. This also means that villages can get rather large, as they can farm kelp and fish in rather large quantities, also negating most needs to move. This has caused Wels Osyatao to be seen as a myth to some Obrexians, though this couldn't be further from the truth.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 12

    September 23th, 2020
    Wels Osyatao are fairly isolated culturally, but they will tend to do all the work that needs to be done to see their family. The typical family structure being couples or individuals sharing dwellings until they decide to mate, and then the family dynamic changes to being the parents and the children, until the cycle begins anew. It is rare that a Wels would complain about a task that is needed to be done to get them home faster, but literally everything else is fair game for complaining.

    September 24th, 2020
    While Vunkuldir is certainly the largest Dwarfhold in Obrexia, it is by no means the only one. The lower levels of the tunnels interconnect between many dwarfholds, and it can be quite difficult to tell where one begins and another ends.

    September 25th, 2020
    Water is delivered throughout Vunkuldir through a series of interconnecting conduits, powered by pumps, which are in turn powered by dwarves, usually of the lower classes. It is a stable job, as water will always need to be pumped, and there are enough shifts that those pumps are running all day.

    September 26th, 2020
    As night and day are a bit hard to distinguish deeper in the holds, they tend to not stick by any clock cycle, and each person will awake when they feel like it, or when they need to go into their jobs. As such, most places in Vunkuldir never get fully quite, such as markets, and there are many shops that are open all day, and just rotate shifts so that they can sell their wares to whoever needs them, whenever they need them.

    September 27th, 2020
    The mountains are full of dangerous creatures, from griffins to perytons, to smaller drakes. Who knows what lurks in the depths below it all when such beasts still rule above?

    September 28th, 2020
    The Daoine have two different methods of disposing of the dead. For most, the end result is the pyre, to return back into the world fully. The second type is reserved for those that heroically fell in battle, or performed some other great service of equal value to the Daoine as a whole. These people are buried in mounds, raised above the surrounding village, and prominently on display for all to see, with their stories recorded and passed on for others to hear.

    September 29th, 2020
    The myriad of caves that run through the mountains are a spawning grounds for many beasts. Griffins nest in the higher peaks, though they have been pushed out of a large area around Vunkuldir, to protect denizens in the higher levels. Perytons nest closer to the forest, where prey is more abundantly available.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 13

    September 30th, 2020
    Dwarves of Vunkuldir often find it best to not venture too deep into the hold, though many will still make the journey to the first floor of Vunkuldir just for the bath houses alone. One of the first constructs built when the mountain was found, it serves as a great attraction and resource, even though the upper floors have water pumped straight up to them, many will still make the journey down towards the below.

    October 1th, 2020
    Though the Artaire Forest and the Thurial Wilds are considered much safer than the Golden North and the Grey Mountains, they are by no means completely safe. There are still beasts and things that go bump in the night, such as the occasional were-beast, and even far-ranging perytons. Dangerous beasts lair in natural concentrations of magic, often in old ruins, placed where they are specifically to harness that power, before having been forgotten or driven out by those beasts. Great treasures are said to lay dormant in these structures, if you are brave, or dumb, enough to go seeking them out.

    October 2th, 2020
    The current Ruler, Bryson Hawkson, is the longest-serving Ruler that has not had a successor named. This has created some instability with the nobility, as many offer up noble scions to hopefully be named, or even unwed women, to hopefully produce a child with. Currently, he has shown no interest in taking a bride, or in declaring an heir.

    October 3th, 2020
    Most Daoine villages are positively ancient, having existed since history has been recorded by the Daoine, and there are only a few stories of a time spent under siege by someone else. These are more ghost stories than actual history, as most have only ever known the quiet village life, as their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have. Going back generations. Most Obrex settlements on the other hand are very new. Many don't have a history over 100 years old, as the migration of peoples around Obrexia is only really now starting to bloom. There are a few exceptions to this, of course, Hawk's Landing being several hundred years old, Riverwatch nearing its second century, and a few other key mercantile cities scattered about the realm.

    October 4th, 2020
    Down in the depths, there are swift rivers and deep lakes. These water sources are the lifeblood of the Underdark, and most things in the depths could not survive without them. They serve as ecological marvels, with glowing algae and mosses littering the surface. Some say there are settlements around these pools, others say nothing but grave danger awaits.

    October 5th, 2020
    The Underdark has existed since time immemorial, no one knows how it was formed, but some say it was a great reckoning, the likes of which are hard to imagine.

    October 6th, 2020
    Somewhere in the Underdark near where Caldon sits upon the surface is a giant underground lake. Water pours in from above and rises from even deeper below, serving as a reservoir for the whole region. This place is lit by bioluminescent mosses, and the whole scene is nearly from a fairy tale. Fungus shaped closely to trees grows naturally here, in reds, blues, and greens, giving the whole region a unique look. This is not the only place that these species are present, but it is the largest cluster of them in the Thurrial Wilds region.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 14

    October 7th, 2020
    Most humans in Obrexia wear their hair long, usually pulled back into a ponytail or braided. Both the Daoine and the Obrex take great pride in having ornate ribbons or decorations woven into their hair.

    October 8th, 2020
    Though many do not talk of them, there are stories of faeyn creatures throughout the Thurrial wilds.

    October 9th, 2020
    Deep beneath the surface rivers that hold a great variety of salamanders and axolotls are great subterranean rivers and lakes. There are lakes large enough where the bottom is not easily discernable, if at all. Who is to say what has grown here, in the near-permanent darkness.

    October 10th, 2020
    Sometimes in the more coastal regions of Obrexia, a multitude of footprints will be found in the sands. Most attribute them to outlandish creatures, but some others swear it is but a single entity. An artist rendition of the beast was created with the testimony of many individuals, though who is to say what is truth and what is fiction?
    alt text

    October 11th, 2020
    The underdark is full of interesting intersections, wonderful vistas, and great resources. Too bad it is so infested with monsters that most cannot live there.

    October 12th, 2020
    Hawk's Landing is a fairly well-defended island, even though almost all parts of the coast are able to be landed upon. No navy up until this point in time has been able to mount an offensive large enough to breach the ranging boats, as well as overwhelm the garrison of both the military, and the various Hawk's Landing specific guard posts. More ships are nearby, guarding the important buildings on the sister isle of Leidon, thus response times are relatively quick to reinforce those around the isle of Leival.

    October 13th, 2020
    Vunkul dwarves often stay within the floor they are born in. It is very rare for a family to move up the caste structure, as a void must first be created at a higher level to be filled. After that, a family will shuffle up from the lower level, though they will be back to the bottom of that level once they are raised.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 15

    October 14th, 2020
    The wood elves in the eastern forests practice the same religion as the Daoine and Obrex. It is unknown if the Daoine spread it to them, vice versa, or even another reason altogether. None among either group ever have a time when they worshipped something else, making it much harder to find the real roots of the religion.

    October 15th, 2020 (This one is my birthday, yay)
    Vunkul Dwarves keep elaborate stone calendars to track the time, and use candle timers to mark the hours and days. The day is 10 units, and the night is 10 units, for a total of 20 units. The Keepers of the Dwarves are a near-religious cult that does as their name states, keeping track of time, and recording calendars. Some will become seers, claiming events will happen on certain dates, and regardless of if they do, many will follow their words through the force of personality alone.

    October 16th, 2020
    When the first leaves fall on the first day of autumn, those that slumber for summer wake. Old things, mostly forgotten. Things that walk where people never do. Yet, those that can wear their skins to disguise themselves to walk amongst us. The only way to end them is a blade of silver, through their hearts.

    October 17th, 2020
    When you see a skinwalker, you instinctively know. Some details just aren't right. A neck twisted to an unnatural degree, a wound too gruesome for the person to be motile. Usually, you won't notice these details until you are too close, whereupon the skinwalker eats you. Usually, while you are alive.

    October 18th, 2020
    Luckily, the skinwalkers seem to prefer the more northern forests. The Daoine have rarely encountered them, and almost none can say what they even think is the 'normal' form of a skinwalker. Some claim it to be a spider, which eats into the brain, and puppets the skin from there. Another claims it is a slug that crawls into the orifices of a recently deceased body, only to ooze throughout it before taking control. When examining those that are taken over by skinwalkers, no definitive proof can be found in them. Though by the time that they are found and killed they are usually more than a bit decomposed, making identifying parts all that much harder.

    October 19th, 2020
    Sunfield is usually a safe place. Until it isn't. Until the monsters crawl from the sewers, and simultaneously attack the walls. Thankfully they have never been breached, but the threat looms ever closer.

    October 20th, 2020
    Traveling between Riverwatch and Baile Bestoic usually takes a couple days, and grain is usually brought north to trade for processed leathers or other animal products.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 16

    October 21th, 2020
    Wolfpine is home to a thriving international community, as one of the growing places closest to the international port of Hawk's Landing.

    October 22th, 2020
    The local chandler in Hawk's Landing is known for more than just regular candles. They have devised a special recipe to make a wax that melts at relatively low temperatures to provide more of a sensation, and less of a burn. A significant clientele has grown around this product, and they make coin hand over fist. Their products are shipped all over Obrexia.

    October 23th, 2020
    Sunfield has an established soap maker of great renown in Obrexia. Using nearby materials and limited batches of foreign materials, they have created a great variety of soaps, even taking down the harshness of the lye to an all time low. The soaps are all known to be fragrant, and orders are put in from all around the realm, though orders all have to be placed and picked up in person, they will not take orders via letter, regardless of who is placing it. The shop is known as The Soapbox.

    October 24th, 2020
    Riverwatch produces around fifteen percent of the total grain production for the entire realm. Their fields are both especially fertile, and have a high yield per plant, culminating in such a significant portion of grain production per square meter.

    October 25th, 2020
    Though many don't venture towards the still gulf, there are stories of people, or rather pirates, coming from within it. Having either druids or some other means of propulsion through the windless area.

    October 26th, 2020
    Holden has been growing in recent years, nearly becoming conjoined with the mining colony of Terra Mines.

    October 27th, 2020
    Obrexia tends to important many fruits from nearby nations and realms, as there isn't that large of a variety available in Obrexia. If the shipment is important enough, a druid will be brought along to slow decay, as well as using more natural methods such as beeswax coatings.

  • Minister Duke

    Week 17

    October 28th, 2020
    Though not always considered a curse, those of the Lapis clan of Vunkuldir often become hyperfocused on their work, ignoring all other needs. This has lead to many dead dwarves, and unfinished projects, but also unparalleled pieces of craftsmanship.

    October 29th, 2020
    There are a few locations in Obrexia that perform a special light show. The room is completely dimmed, and there is a very small hole in the back wall. Light is projected through this hole by various means, mirrors, candles, even bonfires in the center of the room. These shows involve using cutouts to tell stories, with a narrator reciting their lines as they make their ways around the room.

    October 30th, 2020
    It is custom for most elves to go on a pilgrimage to their great tree at least once in their lives, with the more affluent members of society being expected to go more often. The roads through their forests are well maintained, and even wood elves living in other portions of Obrexia are expected to make the journey there.

    October 31th, 2020
    The wood elves have records of an ancient splinter group, who fled to a faraway place some time ago. No contact has been established in the intervening time, but there are some who claim to see elves with a dusky skin tone from time to time, and these sightings all seem to come from the mountains, or near them at the very least. They are never seen under the light of day, but rather always in the dead of night.

    November 1th, 2020
    Most Obrexian trading vessels sail east, and it is rare for one to head towards the west. The occasional ship will head towards Helios and Isara, even Kaligos, but they will be in the minority by far. Ships from Calledonia and Anora are likely to bring goods from the South Western corner of the world but they too are becoming more of a rarity. Trade with most Sybjyry nations is limited, though who is to say when connections inland could be established.

    November 2th, 2020
    An outsider could be of the mind that druids are a peaceful group. They are wrong. All creatures are of nature and are subject to the same fits of pique. Whether that be a natural storm or a man-made fire, change is wrought upon the world.

    November 3th, 2020
    Different people have different sized wells. Most people could theoretically harness the magic of the world, but understanding cannot be forced, and understanding is required to use any magics with a purpose. Those with the capacity to be druids as well as those that they bond with tend to have small spurts of magic, almost as if they are instinctively searching for their bonds.

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