Early Mornings and Late Evenings

  • Baron

    The sun rose over the hillside and cast a light westward across the sleepy town, complete silence with the exception of a grunt followed by the sound of a wagon wheel moving slowly down the road. The man wrestled his cart along the dirt road and up onto the docks near the town square, settling into the space reserved for only the earliest risers; one that would guarantee a profitable morning. He sat on his stool next to the cart, patiently waiting for his first customers of the day- a ritual he had practiced many times before.

    As the morning raced forward, the town awoke. Smoke billowed from the chimneys and the aroma of fresh bread filled the square. As the man was sitting, grinning ear-to-ear at the success of his early morning decision, he noticed a ship in the distance sailing directly towards the town. As the vessel got closer, he could see the flag of purple and white, a ship from Domoutso was arriving. A crowd started to gather on the docks as the ship grew closer, whispers of anticipation could be heard as the harbor master walked out onto the edge of dock to get a better look at the ship. The crowd fell silent as a flag could be seen rising on the mast, white and blue checkboard. Cheering erupted from the crowd as the ship came into the dock; the flag could only mean one thing- a shipment of citrus from a nearby neighbor.

    In an instant, the town began plan for a celebration, the bakers began their prep and the butchers ran back to their shops. A festival of great indulgence was about to be had and the fruits were the star of the show. As the day drew on, the ship was unloaded, and the town prepared for the evening. A feast of fish dishes was to be held with an incredible variety of pastries and cakes all of course featuring the new fruit. The sailors onboard were invited to the festivities and everyone in the town sang and drank and ate until the early morning, at which time the man and his cart opened for business for another day.

  • Baron

    Good thing they cooked fish rather than pork 😉

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