Siege of Salina

  • Baron

    The night was full of revelry without the walls of Ioannina. The Basiluzzites and other revolutionaries had fought tooth and nail through the winding streets of Salina, their broad shields defending them from the hail of arrows shot from the fortress. Many were lost to the piercing bite of the bodkin shafts, but slowly, ever so gradually, the storm lifted. Their army marched to the large gate of the castle, Ioannina darkened to provide the loyalist archers the best night-sight to shoot. Suddenly the gate opened and inhuman roars split the night as at least a dozen golems spilled from the courtyard upon their warriors. Even in the face of such adversaries, the strength of the Basiluzzites and their conviction did not waver. The gifts of the Vassila and lancebearers fell upon the noble war golems, the symbols of their oppression and slavery giving them an edge over the normally far superior warriors. The gate of Ioannina slammed shut as the last noble golem fell. The darkened towers no longer rained arrows, instead, they sat silent as the last hope against the revolution failed. With that, the Basiluzzites and their comrades set their camp, commandeering the large manor houses just outside the castle to celebrate. They would make their final assault in the morning. Of course, they never had the chance to.

    It began with the clouds. Thunder rolled as flashes of light could be seen in the distance, traveling swiftly from the east. Then the hail began to fall, small at first, but quickly becoming head-sized. The ice punched holes through the roofs of the manors, killing those that it struck. Enslaved golems were quickly dismantled as the shards easily demolished their exposed heads and the broad shields of the Basiluzzites, once defending their wielders so well from the hail of arrows, can do nothing to stop the hail of storm. Panicking, the once revelers scatter, trying desperately to dodge the cold fury of the sky as the thunder and lightning quicken their pace. Suddenly, the hail abates. The clouds still roil and boil overhead, but no longer does death rain from them. Instead, an almost incessant noise of thunder rolls as a figure stands silhouetted by the lightning striking about him. Eternal had returned.

    No man could stand before him, as one by one the Basiluzzites fell, just as Osias had so long ago, in their last acts of defiance. Some revolutionaries ran, others fought, but none escaped as the Wizard Eternal carved a path of death to the gates of Ioannina. There he raised a hand and the gate opened, allowing him to see the terrified faces of the besieged nobles and their guards. The thunder subsided as the lightning faded, leaving just the figure standing in the dark of the clouds. There he turned on his heel, leaving the lords to clear out the dead, for he had left none wounded. He had more important matters to attend to in Byria.