Jewelry in Kakaisda

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    Inspired by Tywen's lore prompt:

    Jewelry is a very big part of the religious and aesthetic expression in Kakaisda. Most articles of jewelry are made out of colored clay beads, with some priests and Hepes having precious metals such as gold incorporated too. Even though the Kakaisdans have access to metal, it is rarely used in their jewelry, and instead saved for other uses.

    In religion, a necklace of clay beads is used to demonstrate which god a particular Osyatao wishes to worship. The Kakaisdan pantheon consists of four gods; Arawa the sun goddess, Buwen the moon god, Ituin the star goddess and Ulapu the cloud god. These gods rule over their celestial bodies, as well as other aspects of life. For example, Buwen is also the god of the ocean and celebrations. The clay necklaces work as a holy symbol which calls to the specific god for their special blessing (think like a rosary of sorts).

    The god a Kakaisdan chooses can depend on a lot of things. Whether it be what their family has chosen, what their job recommends (for example, sailors and fishermen tend to wear necklaces of Buwen, for luck at sea), or what they feel is best for them. A young Osyatao picks their god when they reach maturity at 15 years. The ritual is public and takes place at the Courtyard of the Gods, where everyone can watch the youth “become closer to the Gods”.

    Aside from religion, Kakaisdans love to adorn their bodies with piercings, bracelets and anklets. Piercings are often made of painted clay, and go into the fin areas of the fish (neck, head, hands, elbows). Fin piercings are small so as to not drag down the fin, but are often brightly colored and have intricate designs. Osyatao have fins between their fingers, which means the usage of rings is difficult. Instead, they will pierce the fins between their fingers to add bling to their hands.

    A Kakaisdan will mark their marital union with their lover using these hand piercings. During the marriage ceremony, the betrothed will hold up their right hands and put them together. The priest will drive a piercing needle through the fin between the index and middle finger at the same time. This is to symbolize that as they are married, they will go through the ups and downs of life together.

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