Pawn to E4

  • Viscount

    It all started after our parents died. Mother had been beaten into a bloody pulp, and father was hanging from the wood beam in the kitchen. Melinoe found their bodies. She hasn't said a word since. She just stares at walls and doesn’t acknowledge anything you say to her. Her eyes are dead. In less than a week, the vulture showed up. Nasty creature, it just sits and watches. Its eyes pierce into mine as if it can see every sin I've ever committed. It makes these sounds, ungodly sounds of chittering and squealing. I can hear it in my nightmares. But there's no getting rid of it, it's Melinoe’s druidic familiar. After the vulture came she started using her magic.
    I came home from work one night to find my sister playing with a rat. It was running around in circles, squealing as my sister laughed. But the rat's head was lying on the floor next to them. Melinoe twirled her finger around and the rat followed the patterns. When I realized what she was doing I screamed. I told her to hurry and go to bed, then threw away the rat and cleaned the blood from the floor. I threw up. I spent the whole night pacing the floor of our small home and tearing at my hair. In the following days, she continued to make those disgusting play things for herself.If people knew what she had done, I don't want to know what terrible things they'd do to her.
    It was then the house began to change. The stench of death hung in the air around the house, the wood began to rot even though it's barely 10 years old. I dreaded coming home, but even when we were away the scent followed my young sister. Dead insects scattered the ground outside. Along with birds, squirrels, and anything foolish enough to get close to the house. I swept the lawn everyday and carefully disposed of the bugs. I burned any animal carcasses I found. I wouldn't dare use it as food no matter how hungry I was. I kept my sister inside as much as possible. The shades were always closed and she was never under any circumstance to answer the door, even if she knew them. I just hoped she wouldn't go outside. On Friday I came home and the grass around the lawn was covered with dry grey leaves, the bare branches of dad's oak tree spiraled up into the sky twisting into gnarled shapes. Once I raked the leaves I discovered the grass underneath was completely dead. A perfect circle of decay ran the perimeter of the lawn.
    The townspeople figured out what was going on. They accused us of using the druidic magic to kill and then fuel spells. Melinoe does not mean any harm, she just doesn't understand what she's doing. I can't help her, the people won't help her, they call her an abomination. They'll kill my sister! So I resolved that we have to leave. I stole a map of the realms and looked for somewhere far, far away from here. Aiolia: isolated, no magic, and relatively quiet. We’ll be safe there. So in the dead of night I packed up everything we two orphans had of value: mother's silver necklace, uncle Ragvir’s dagger, and as much food as I could shove in a backpack. Not much but it would have to do. I woke up Melinoe and we snuck out of town, headed towards our new life in Aiolia.

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