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    There will be items listed here that are up for adoption, put them in a story, add them to your wiki. These are all unique things from Helios that somehow found their way to you and your realm. Hopefully their effects will lead to some great storytelling.

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    Heart of Pain

    The Heart of Pain is an ancient Helian broadsword. It was once wielded by a follower of Berizon the Baleful named Collister. Collister was slain by an unnamed knight valiant, when he was killed the blade devoured his essence. The weapon was interned at the now destroyed fortress monastery The Golden Palisades. While many of the artifacts were recovered the Heart of Pain found it's way free. The weapon amplifies the desires of the owner, able to impart strength, cunning and charisma but that cost to ones physical and mental being is great. The sword wants to be held and used and will lead its owner to do bloody deeds. If the owner truly gives themselves to the weapon their being is consumed by the weapon, leaving behind an empty animated husk.

    The weapon has traded hands many times, and each time it consumes another it grows stronger. Some are strong enough to pry themselves from the grip of the weapon, tossing it away or selling it before its ill effects are too great, but the effects of even short term use can be quite debilitating, ranging from; false visions, hearing voices, yellowed or paleing skin, and the most common rapid aging.

    • Description
      • Overall length: 32"
      • Blade Length: 26"
      • Black leather handle
      • Flat inornate crossguard
      • Blunted flat tip
      • Balanced three inches above the crossguard

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