Val's Osyatao Adoption!

  • Knight

    Howdy! In light of recent events, I've decided to post an open invitation to collab! What's this collab, you ask? YOU have the chance to get your VERY OWN, personalized Osyatao colony in your realm!

    Thousands upon thousands of years ago, the Osyatao race ruled the oceans in packs as fully aquatic hunters. More powerful predators eventually pushed them out of the ocean and onto land, and they were eventually landlocked as they evolved to be amphibian. This means it's fully possible for a school of Osyatao to be in your realm (if you want it to).

    How have the Osyatao settled into your society? Are they outcasts? Welcomed citizens? How did this union come to be? That can all be figured out and neatly packaged into a lore post or two!

    If you're interested in this collaboration, DM me over discord and we can begin planning! Feel free to leave any questions as well

  • Baron

    I need the fish.

  • Knight

    @Kalo ask and ye shall receive. HMU and let’s work on this

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