Log #94

  • Baron

    After the volatile reaction of the last few golems with remnants from larger herbivores and carnivores, I decided to take it one step further. I trapped several wandering tribesmen, stealing them away from their fellows in the mountains. To create the material for the body of this golem, I burned their bodies in an alchemical fire, leaving nothing but charred and withered bones. I discarded the skulls for further use, taking the rest to pound into powder. Mixing the powder with red clay, the material turned a dull brown, animated with faces that writhe at its surface, as if the remnant was desperately attempting to escape. I have dubbed this material soulsand. I formed the body out of the soulsand, before placing a single skull upon the neck of the golem. I hope that this being will be strong enough to survive the process.

    Test #94

    Size: 2.5 meters
    Material: Soulsand
    Harvested Organic: Human skull
    Arithmetic sequence: “Life”
    Parchment: “Control”

    Result: This is a weapon, nothing more. A being of pure rage arose and drained my magic, almost killing me before I was able to severe the connection. That did not kill it, unlike the others that had come before. The golem screamed with a thousand voices, raising its arm and throwing a cursed skull at me. I dove out of the way and the skull exploded against the wall, cracking it to its foundation. Grabbing my enchanted axe, I lept to my feet and swung at the monster. The axe bit deep into its body, slowly eating away at the soulsand. The being screamed again, raising its hand to cast me down even as it stumbled away. Summoning violet fire, I hosed down its skull. It shrunk away, but I did not let up. At long last, the skull had burned to nothing. The soulsand continued to bubble and hiss, turning the violet flames blue where it touched it. I stored it away for further research, but I doubt I will use it further.
    Golems can be instilled with magic beyond simple animation, perhaps I shall experiment with that once I gain a more stable sample.