Log #3,540

  • Baron

    I believe I have perfected the mancipium, as I have dubbed these golems, as much as they can be perfected. They can come in metal or clay bodies, serve many purposes, but there is no forming a soulbond with them, and even with several hundred now existing, the weight of the Well continues to pound upon my mind, threatening to tear it to pieces. I have only delayed the inevitable.
    After sourcing several books on Obrexian Druidism, I believe I know what I must do. Free will appears to be the answer, a mutual bond between the two. As such, I will dub my new race the emancipium, with any luck, they begin tonight.

    Test #3,540

    Size: 3 meters
    Material: Red Clay
    Harvested Organic: Pumpkin
    Runes: “Life”
    Parchment: “Free"

    Nothing. No reaction. A minor setback, but I am certain the correct words will animate the golem. Perhaps the correct amount of power as well. I can wait. I am patient.

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